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ram_ 01:03 hi
i had an issue making solution file
anybody there?
mkoch 04:03 hi
will the $(document).ready() in jquery tell if all the plugins on the page have been loaded, or it works only on the html/js/css content and pictures?
reichi 04:03 i can only guess
and i would guess it should
as it is issued when all html rendering has finished
mkoch 04:03 ic, thanks
reichi 05:03 and i am using that ;)
(and till now it worked flawlessly)
mlinaje 08:03 Hi, I would like to know if I could use firebreath to create a Open Source project to access the camera, microphone and other hardware from a Web page
reichi 08:03 i gues you could
mlinaje 08:03 I would like to do for mobiles (using fennec), that's the trick
fennec support plugins
reichi 08:03 well
nirvdrum 08:03 taxilian_away: Upgrade went quite well and fixed my Chrome issue. Thanks for the help!
reichi 08:03 stop ;)
mlinaje: you are talking about a browser extension
that's very different from a npapi plugin
mlinaje 08:03 extension or plugins? I would like to make it work for other browsers using NPAPI too...
an extension should work only for e.g., desktop firefox
reichi 08:03 ah, ok
well yes
you can create cross-browser npapi-plugins using firebreath
mlinaje 08:03 and it will work on fennec?
reichi 08:03 i don't know if fennec supports npapi
but i am pretty sure you will be in trouble when it comes to gui
mlinaje 08:03 they must be doing it now ;-)
reichi 08:03 firebreath has been built to work with pcs
but not with android
mlinaje 08:03 my initial idea was to develop it for desktop (linux) and later port it to mobile (android - fennec)
reichi 08:03 or ios
so i won't be a trivial task, i think
(porting it to mobiles)
mlinaje 08:03 for sure!
reichi 08:03 and you will pretty much for sure need the android ndk
to link your plugin against it
and do the jni-stuff
(or whatever you plan)
mlinaje 08:03 another idea? We would like to do it as a research project to support HTML5 working draft capabilities not supported today
accesing the camera, the microphone,...
reichi 08:03 webkit seems to support npapi on android
mlinaje 08:03 ja
reichi 08:03 haha, verraten :p
but it's still english here ;)
mlinaje 08:03 ok
reichi 08:03 hmm
you know that you actually have to load npapi plugins via an <object> or <embed> tag?
mlinaje 08:03 yes, but we can create them via JS using HTML5 callback/fallback fuctinality
reichi 08:03 ok, so the site is under your control
mlinaje 08:03 (sorry I had a call)
reichi 08:03 how can you dare? :p ;)
how dare you
mlinaje 08:03 no, the idea is that any website could use it
reichi 08:03 you will have to add a new platform
(android e.g.)
i did that for my project
but i don't have any need to draw a gui ;)
mlinaje 08:03 I think so, the question is about firebreath, would it help me or nor? Maybe a direct NPAPI implementation is a better option for me....
reichi 08:03 firebreath does a lot more than just solving the cross-platform issues
mlinaje 08:03 so, do you recommend us to start with it? Anyother way we could migrate the C code to NPAPI I guess...
reichi 08:03 it simplifies writing NPAPI plugins a lot
hard to tell
i'm using it for an embedded project
and i am very happy i decided to do so
mlinaje 08:03 I couldn't find information about mobile and firebreath, so I decided to ask...
I have to go, thank you for your help. I will try again later ;-)
reichi 08:03 taxillian should be around soon
he's the impersonation of firebreath ;)
mlinaje 08:03 ok, thanks again ;-)
mkoch 09:03 is it possible to pass custom init parameters to the plugin from the <object> tag in html?
taxilian 09:03 mkoch: sure; just add them as <param> tags inside the object tag and access them using m_params
reichi: I do not impersonate firebreath :-P
reichi 09:03 oh you do
you speak npapi
and work on multiple platforms :P
taxilian 09:03 LOL. touche
mlinaje: I don't know if you could make FireBreath work on android or not; I haven't tried making a NPAPI plugin for android. My guess would be that you could, since I have successfully been able to build boost-enabled projects using the ndk, but I'm not 100% certain of that
mkoch 09:03 taxilian: thanks!
taxilian 09:03 mkoch: if you look in PluginCore.h I think there is a getParam or something similar that gives you a boost::optional<std::string> that may be a cleaner solution
mrojas36 10:03 Love the project. If one copies the generated htm into the project, and would like to add that template to the Xcodeproject and edit it from there. Is there a way to keep from removing it from the Xcode project after it runs, Can I update one of the Cmake files to make sure it gets included?
taxilian 10:03 cmake won't remove any of the files in your project directory; to change what files are included you edit CMakeLists.txt and/or <platform>/projectDef.cmake
they have *.cpp and *.h by default; you could always add *.htm
mrojas36 10:03 awesome, thanks!
mkoch 10:03 taxilian: yse, it's getParam on PluginCore
how can I convert boost::optional<std::string> to double?
taxilian 10:03 boost::lexical_cast<double>(*strval)
just make sure you do if (strval) { } around it since it may be missing
mkoch 10:03 ok, thx
mlinaje 10:03 Hi, I would like to know if I could use firebreath to create a Open Source project to access the camera, microphone and other hardware from a Web page
taxilian 10:03 don't know why not
mlinaje 10:03 I was taliking with richi before and he told me that taxilian was the right person to answer my questions ;-)
taxilian 10:03 I know, I read the conversation
if you want it to build on android that might be a bit more challenging
it seems like it should be possible to make that happen, since I have been able to build boost projects with the ndk, but I don't know how you'd have to go about it
mlinaje 10:03 that's the trick, Android and iphone in the future. It an University research project
taxilian 10:03 never iphone
iphone will never work
mlinaje 10:03 even when webkit is supporting NPAPI?
taxilian 10:03 iphone will never support NPAPI
mlinaje 10:03 why?
taxilian 10:03 it would violate every part of Apple's policies and strategies on iOS
mlinaje 10:03 I haven't read about it yet...
so the plugin would only work on firefox, because from my knowledge, Chrome is supporting PPAPI
taxilian, so what do you thing is the best development choice to extend the mobile browser hardware access now?
taxilian 10:03 totally depends on what you want to do with it
mlinaje 10:03 basically access mobile sensors (accelerometer,...), camera and microphone
taxilian 10:03 if I were doing something where I needed to use stuff like that I'd probably do it in Titanium Mobile or PhoneGap and write modules for each platform to give me the flexibility I'd need
mlinaje 10:03 I know them. Indeed, we have used before, but with them you create apps that you need to install,... the idea is to do it from the browser (such as with HTML5 hardware access that will come in the next years)
taxilian 10:03 there is no solution that will give you that on ios
it would violate apple's TOS
mlinaje 10:03 I was also thinking in an architecture similar to the Nokia API bridge. Do you know it?
taxilian 10:03 nnope
mlinaje 10:03 it is like a mobile server that give you access to hardware resources via javascript
We released an open source project using it (at
taxilian 10:03 I guess you might be able to create a web browser that would somehow give you some of that; you'd never be able to do it with Apple's Safari browser
mlinaje 10:03 but from the browser you can access e.g., http://127.0....../resource or similar and I think safari will not cut this connections
mkoch 10:03 taxilian: would you be so kind as to check this 6 lines of code: . is it supposed to work?
taxilian 10:03 mlinaje: you're probably right; Safari won't cut the connection. However, how are you going to *open* the connection? Apple doesn't allow web servers and such that run in the background
mlinaje 10:03 to check them, where?
taxilian 10:03 mkoch: looks right to me
mkoch 10:03 because i'm not getting anything. this is in the html: <param name="fps" value="10.0"/>
taxilian 10:03 mlinaje: this thread is instructive:
mkoch: I don't know; try debugging it and see what the value of strval, etc is
mkoch 10:03 sure, I just hoped there was an obvious error in my code
taxilian 10:03 not that I can see
mlinaje 10:03 it seems possible to to di according to the docummentation
to do it ;-)
taxilian 10:03 well, you're welcome to try =] Everything I have heard or read leads me to believe that Apple isn't going to approve an app like that
but I'm no expert in this area; my area is plugins
which I *know* you can't use
mlinaje 10:03 Thank you taxilian, you have responded clearly to several of my questions. You have helped a lot eliminating potential solutions without sense
taxilian 10:03 yw
mlinaje 10:03 one last question. If firefox (fennec) will be released for IOS in the future supporting plugins, will it be a solution using firebreath?
taxilian 11:03 if firefox is ever released for iOS it won't be able to use plugins
because apple's TOS doesn't allow downloadable code
probably wont' even be able to support extensions, though that *might* be possible if it's carefully limited functionality… I still doubt it, though
mlinaje 11:03 ok, thank you taxilian. anyway the server architecture that we are planning (similar to Nokia API bridge) does not require downloading code, just to install an (server) app running in the background to be used as a service for the Web applications via JS
taxilian 11:03 and I'm still skeptical that you'll be able to get that one past apple, but I wish you luck =]
mlinaje 11:03 hopefully TOS will not be a problem for us (maybe as you note the background processing will be the main one)
and thanks again