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MattF__ 03:03 Hi, I am developing a plugin which needs to communicate with a device attached to the local PC using a serial port. I have the code to communicate with the device already working in a C# dll and have tested the pulgin successfully using that, however for ease of deployment would it be better to implement the serial port comms code in C++ using the boost serial_port?
just thinking if I leave it referencing a C# dll how would that be deployed, register the plugin then place the C# dll in a specific directory on the local file system?
Guest4997 04:03 Hi, everybody! I need help: I'm trying to create plugin with FireBreath for Linux... FireBreath can give me GtkWidget* from browser. I've created x11 child window and trying to draw something. On moment when I try to draw - plugin crashes... In chromium it works. Here is link to example of my code: What can it be? Thanks!
linearray 05:03 MattF__: AFAIK no one has a working solution to call .NET code from a plugin yet
ch 06:03 mattf__: you'll also have to deal with .net not being installed
emicastro 07:03 Hi to all! Could someone help me with one question... May be some of you knows that. I have a .msi installer that deploy an .dll browser plugin made with firebreath. I want to know how the .msi knows about the browser in the installation steps... This is to tell the user that close the browser before start using the plugin...
taxilian 09:03 emicastro: generally speaking it doesn't; there is probably some plugin you can use to make it detect processes, but why do you need to? For an initial installation you don't generally need to close the browser
emicastro 09:03 It's seems to be that Chrome doesn't update as well when you register a new plugin and doesn't restart the browser
with IE and Firefox, there is not problem... but with Chrome... it's seems like the registration doesn't take effect, after you restart the browser
taxilian 09:03 it works fine; you just need to call navigator.plugins.refresh(false)
emicastro 09:03 in my plugin?
or in the javascript?
So... If I want that all the browsers take the plugin without restarting, I have to call navigator.plugins.refresh(false)?
taxilian 09:03 in javascript
!findfile fb_installer.js
FireBreathBot 09:03 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 09:03 that has example code
and it's sorta somewhat closeish to being a working sample
emicastro 09:03 I don't have an installer specifically for the plugin... I have an .msi to my desktop app, and in the .msi installation process the installer run the command: "regsvr32 npXYZ.dll"
taxilian 09:03 that's a really bad idea
just FYI
emicastro 09:03 how is the right way?
taxilian 09:03 I've explained it so many times in here I don't really want to go through the whole long list of reasons, but the main one is that it's difficult to be sure you uninstall cleanly (which is critical) when you do it that way. Use FireBreath's built-in WiX install stuff to generate a WiX installer, but then just include the generated np<pluginname>.wxs file in your own msi
emicastro 09:03 oh.... goood reason to avoid doing that way
I will check the website for make the wiX installer
in the fb_installer.js doesn't the call navigator.plugins.refresh(false)
taxilian 09:03 …. wow
you're right
that's a bug :-P
it should
on line 83 there should be a navigator.plugins.refresh(false);
emicastro 09:03 and in the _isIEPluginInstalled as well?
taxilian 09:03 nope
emicastro 09:03 or only for npapi?
taxilian 09:03 IE doesn't have it
emicastro 09:03 but IE refresh automatically?
taxilian 09:03 more or less, yes
emicastro 09:03 without restarting
taxilian 09:03 more or less, yes
emicastro 09:03 IE always so different! :D
taxilian 09:03 completely, yes
emicastro 10:03 Well this conversation was helped to found the navigator.plugins.refresh(false); line shoud be in the fb_installer.js
Thanks for your help taxilian!
taxilian 10:03 yw
ch 10:03 taxilian: would you take code to make WebViewMac (optionally) run in a popup window?
taxilian 10:03 Hmm. maybe
I'd be more likely to if you could make WebViewWin work in a popup as well
in fact, that'd be dead useful
ch 10:03 I can look at that
altough I don't really need it, because WebViewWin works fine in-place ;)
off for now
taxilian 10:03 WebViewMac works okay if you use CoreGraphics
mkoch 10:03 hi!
I have updated xcode. it messed up my whole system...
taxilian 10:03 nice!
mkoch 10:03 now I don't have /Developer it's in my /Users/myname/Library/Developer instead
and athough I tried to fix the paths (teher is a tool for it), the generator script doesn't run any more :(
taxilian: yep
that's the error:
Error: No developer directory found at /Developer. Run
/usr/bin/xcode-select to update the developer directory path.
taxilian 10:03 you did delete the build dir, right?
mkoch 10:03 yes
taxilian 10:03 !findfile Mac.cmake
FireBreathBot 10:03 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
mkoch 10:03 I run this xcode-select and switch to the correct dir
then the error msg goes away but the gen script frozes at this point:
taxilian 10:03 yeah; the top of that file tries to help figure out the xcode stuff, so you can try tweaking that
mkoch 10:03 -- Check for working C compiler using: Xcode
taxilian 10:03 make sure you're on the latest cmake
mkoch 10:03 i'm on cmake version 2.8.6 now
taxilian 10:03 try 2.8.7
mkoch 10:03 ok
I guess you are still using some older xcode, right?
taxilian 10:03 yeah
mkoch 11:03 (installing new cmake)
mkoch 12:03 well, 2.8.7 wasn't good enough, according to a cmake issue tracker ticket, I have to build the latest dev version of cmake on my own to get it working with the new xcode... :S
taxilian 12:03 ahh
linearray 12:03 mkoch: or you could read the tips and tricks section
taxilian 12:03 now that you mention that, I remember you putting that in there...
heh. shows my head just isn't in the game today.
bbl, lunch
ch 13:03 taxilian: yeah, maybe. it still won't work for my usecase unfortunately
sylvanco 14:03 How can I add a cross platform process component to my project. Attempts to simply add classes with Visual Studio 2008 failed.
mkoch 14:03 linearray: I tried your trick also but the problem is still the same, the gen script halts at this point:
Check for working C compiler using: Xcode
do you have any idea why?
ch 14:03 did you run xcode-select at least once?
with the new path
linearray 14:03 maybe because of something you did trying to fix it
mkoch 14:03 yes, I changed the path to /Users/mkoch/Library/Developer
isn't it the right one?
ch 14:03 thats a weird path
linearray 14:03 for me it's /Applications/Xcode/...
~ % xcode-select -print-path
mkoch 14:03 ok, I try with that
mkoch 14:03 ah finally... in the meanwhile my macports installation also died and after all had to be deleted by hand and reinstalled... i will read the what's new docunment before ever I upgrade xcode again for sure!
* ah finally, it works :)
taxilian 14:03 sylvanco: you need to add the files and then rerun the prep script
when you create it with visual studio it's putting it in the wrong place
put windows-specific files in Win/, mac-specific in Mac/, etc
sylvanco 14:03 That works - thanks
jshanab_wcw 15:03 I am trying to use mouse events on the assumption that if I don't explictily handle them then they bubble up and I can use FB's mouse event. mouse move, mouseup, and mouse down work but I can't seem to get a MouseDoubleClick
taxilian 15:03 jshanab_wcw: my understanding is that some browsers may not actually give you a mousedoubleclick
jshanab_wcw 15:03 Looks like the WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK are not enen in the PluginWindowWin.cpp on my version of FB So I don't have an opurtunity
taxilian 15:03 quite possibly nobody has implemented it
feel free =]
jshanab_wcw 15:03 At my last job we called statements like I made "{company} Volenteer"
:-) I may just do the QT thing timer on mouseup
taxilian 15:03 hehe
it's really not hard to add things like that to FireBreath
jshanab_wcw 15:03 Yup, but it looks like windows is gonna send me the mouse down first anyway. I am stepping thru now
Looks like GTK does it correct :-)
taxilian 15:03 hehe
ch 16:03 do I need to do anything special so Xcode lets me step through FB "library" code?
somehow it always steps over all stuff thats not in my own source
apparently it doesnt see the source for these things
the magic thing is to switch back to gdb. *sigh*
taxilian 16:03 ch: it can be done, but it can be a pain
ch 16:03 seems to be a weird lldb problem, it works with gdb now
dougma 18:03 jshanab_wcw: fwiw i've noticed chrome on windows sends mouse-down instead of mouse-dbl-clk
i note the time of the event and mutate a mouse-down to a double-click if it occurs within the double-click timeout, and that seems to work fine. :)
as for having the browser fire double-click dom events by ignoring the mouse events in the plugin... i haven't found that to work very well
it's ugly
ch 19:03 taxilian: first take for popup mode on mac:
FireBreathBot 19:03 da8f67e by Christian Hofstaedtler: WebView: popup window mode