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Alex______ 04:03 Hi everybody! I'm trying to create plugin for Linux(Ubuntu). I'm using X11 to create child window from GtkWidget, which I take from FB::PluginWindowX11->getWidget(). Plugin crashes in firefox, in Chromium works, but not displays... I created test desktop application with GTK and X11 - works normally. Please, help... Thanks!
nagesh 04:03 hi
i am new to FireBreath and i need help from you guys
is there someone who can listen me????
reichi 04:03 .ask
FireBreathBot 04:03 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
nagesh 05:03 I am new to FireBreath and came to know that FireBreath is best suited for my requirement. My question is that can I reuse my ActiveX code in fireBreath or I have rewrite the control from scratch.
i need your help .i have ActiveX devloped which work fine on IE ,i am in process to make it browse and plateform independent.i am new to FireBreath and came to know that FireBreath is best suited for my requirement. my question is that can i reuse my ACtiveX code in fireBreath or i have rewrite the control from scarcth.
ch 05:03 "depends"
someone-noone 07:03 Hello! Is there a common way of getting OpenGL context in Linux? Tried to do it with X11 window, but plugin crashes...
ch 08:03 taxilian_away: you're hosting WebViewMac in a CG plugin? how much CPU does that use?
taxilian 09:03 ch: haven't noticed a significant problem CPU-wise
MattF 09:03 hi, i'm trying to run the prep2010.cmb batch file and receive the error - Could not create named generator Visual Studio 10
taxilian 09:03 that means that cmake can't find visual studio 2010 on your computer
MattF 09:03 I have checked the path and other suggestions in following link
taxilian 09:03 what version of cmake are you running?
MattF 09:03 2.6
taxilian 09:03 and where did you install vs? default location? or custom?
MattF 09:03 default
taxilian 09:03 2.6? install the latest cmake, then
should be 2.8.7 or some such
ch 09:03 had anyone success with hosting an NSView (or subclass) ontop of FB's MyCALayer?
MattF 09:03 that seems to have fixed it
taxilian 09:03 ch: you can't host it directly; you may be able to use a method similar to what I did with CG to get the rendered bits and draw on the CALayer
or maybe possibly make the CALayer the backing layer for the NSView; not sure if that would work or not
ch 10:03 taxilian: I've tried the backing layer way, but that doesn't seem to work
ch 10:03 possibly stupid question: in a CA plugin, am I supposed to get a RefreshEvent, and/or must I call setDisplayNeeded myself? (and do that on my sublayers or on FB's MyCALayer?)
I've had something working a few hours ago, but it was incredibly slow and I had to call setNeedsDisplay from the AutoInvalidate timer and have MyCALayer call setNeedsDisplay on it's sublayers
taxilian 10:03 you need to call it yourself, unless you use the built-in timer
ch 10:03 IIRC with the AutoInvalidate timer alone I wasn't seeing updates until I started calling setNeedsDisplay from the timer proc
but I'll try again without this
taxilian 10:03 the timer may have been set up for asynchronous CALayer drawing
someone-noone 11:03 Hello! Asking again: Is there any common method to get OpenGL context on linux plugins? I tried to do it with X11, getting window from Gtk_Widget. But plugin crashes. Standalone version of my code works and draws fine.
taxilian 11:03 I've never figured that one out
but I know it's possible
someone-noone 11:03 taxilian, hello! What's up dude? Do you know people on this channel who done it?
taxilian 11:03 not certain
don't remember
niftylettuce 15:03 so
taxilian: give me a name for the open source extension framework
:D :D
taxilian 15:03 I don't know of one
niftylettuce 15:03 taxext
purple monkey dishwasher
taxilian 15:03 lol
niftylettuce 15:03 leopard fang
taxilian 15:03 existientialists
niftylettuce 15:03 necronomicon
bruce campbell
ch 17:03 taxilian: unsure what I'm doing different this time, but it's using way less CPU :)
taxilian 17:03 heh