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dsmith 06:03 taxilian, What main event loop?
jshanab_wcw 08:03 A question about platforms. I have a plugin and need the functionality on an iphone.ipad and droid. I was wondering if firebreath had any ideas in that direction. One thing that made me think of this question is that I am running chatzilla in XULrunner as I type. just wondering if a container for a plugin to run as an app would then allow more plpatforms like mobile ones
taxilian 09:03 dsmith: the main event loop is owned by the browser; you basically can't use it
jshanab_wcw: my main suggestion for ios/android would be to look into either phonegap or titanium mobile; both have support for building native modules that you can use with them with a javascript interface
jshanab_wcw 09:03 taxilian. thanks
bundy[1] 14:03 Hello
taxilian 14:03 hello
bundy[1] 14:03 Hi taxilian
I am trying to develop an object using firebreath which creates an IDispatch COM object and invokes its function from any browser
the main object (the plugin object) has a method called bind which gets clsid or progid and calls cocreateinstance to generate the new object
taxilian 14:03 so basically you're making a COM container that can be used in non-com browsers?
bundy[1] 14:03 right
taxilian 14:03 okay
bundy[1] 14:03 trying...
the bind function creates a new instance of a class which is based on JSAPIAuto
i used the invoke method to call the original idispatch invoke
until here everything works as expected :)
the call is sent to the IDispatch of the com object
taxilian 14:03 take a look at IDispatchAPI if you haven't
bundy[1] 14:03 i am trying to call the Invoke method back from the com object, both on the first parameter and another callback inside the args
but i dont get the call back
i did...
the problem is getting the callback from the IDispatch
for some reason i dont get a call back to the interface
i am getting error member not found
when calling the Invoke(0,IID_NULL,LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT,DISPATCH_METHOD,&params,&result,&exceptionInfo,NULL);
on IE it works
but when using it from chrome / firefox it doesnt
taxilian 14:03 did you coinitialize?
bundy[1] 14:03 yes, i get everything on that object working...only when trying to call back to the firebreath object i get this error
teh com object is called, it does its work and trying to call the IDispatch of the Firebreath object back but fails
taxilian 15:03 wait..
what idispatch of the firebreath object?
firebreath doesn't have idispatch unless you're in IE..
bundy[1] 15:03 I created an FB::ActiveX::ActiveXBrowserHostPtr to resolve that
taxilian 15:03 I'd have to play with the code to see how it's working
bundy[1] 15:03 are you doing a freelance jobs?
taxilian 15:03 hmm. not normally, but I might consider something right now; it would depend on the price and the timing
bundy[1] 15:03 well I belive you understand what i am trying to do
create dynamic wrap of any idispatch com object to support any browser
name your price :)