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bundy_ 13:03 Hello everybody
I have a question regarding Firebreath and FB::ActiveX::ActiveXBrowserHost
I used firebreath in to create com object on every browser
the first call to my object calls create CoCreateInstance to an known com class
then i wrap my idispatch interface with FB::JSAPIPtr test(new JDownloadAPI(m_host,pDispatch));
now the API class overides the ::invoke method
and calls the IDispatch invoke method
the call is successfully going through to the idispatch interface
the problem begins when I want to call the API class back from the object
calling invoke with the first parameter doesnt execute a call to the API invoke function
any idea how can i know where the problem is?
EL45 14:03 Does anyone have experience using the LeakFinder included in FBTestPlugin? I'm trying to use it in my plugin, but don't seem to get any output.
FireBreathBot 14:03 EL45: 09 Mar 05:11Z <dougma> tell EL45 my plugin has been flagged by some anti-virus software. Not being mass-market I haven't done anything beyond saying "that's interesting". :)
EL45 14:03 By the way dougma, I solved that problem by hosting my msi from an ssl link.
ch 15:03 the general opinion on passing binary data to the plugin from JS was "it usually doesnt work"? :)
linearray 15:03 I think it was: use base64
ch 15:03 yeah, hm.
taxilian 16:03 ch: yeah, base64 is the most reliable way
though I suppose base127 might work as well, if you want to figure out how to do that =]
ch 16:03 heh.
actually I'd "just" need UTF-7! ;)
taxilian 16:03 hehe
UTF-8 is perfectly valid
just not binary data
ch 16:03 well, one never knows what these people come up with, sticking invalid data in there and whatnot.
ch 18:03 WebViewWin doesn't explicitly shutdown the browser on deconstruct. I've stuck a call to onWindowDetached for now and then it works fine (i.e. doesnt crash). still workin on that branch obviously