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KOS_ 01:03 hi all
Have question about Mac)
dougma 01:03 ok
KOS_ 01:03 I've put plugin to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ on OS X Lion 10.7 but no one browser can see it(
What can be wrong?
Firebreath created MY.plugin
dougma 01:03 I put my plugins in ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ and have no problem with that.
KOS__ 01:03 ops
it's me
mkoch 12:03 hi!
taxilian 12:03 'morning
mkoch 12:03 does the thread which runs the staticInitialize function in the platform specific codes exit during the plugin's lifecycle?
taxilian 12:03 all FireBreath calls occur on the main thread
so the thread that StaticInitialize is called on is the same thread that StaticDeinitialize is called on
ferae 12:03 HI all, started taking a look at FB today. quick question: can I get away with not programming in C++ (i.e. I want to write a plugin with JS+jQuery only)
taxilian 12:03 also the constructor, destructor, etc
ferae: sure can't
mkoch 12:03 taxilian: so normally they run as long as at least one instance exists, right?
taxilian 12:03 mkoch: it isn't a special thread; it's the main thread, and yes, as long as at least one instance exists that thread is still there
on IE it may be a different thread than the main thread because COM shunts it into its own appartment, but you still treat it the same as if it were the main thread of the app
NPAPI is not multi threaded, and neither is FireBreath
mkoch 12:03 ok, thanks
taxilian 12:03 ferae: if you'd like to, however, you can use C++ to develop a plugin… and you could use C++ if that doesn't work for you ;-)
if you want to do an extension most browsers support javascript extensions, but it won't be portable
ferae 12:03 taxilian, LOL . Haven't coded in C++ in years, trying to stay far away :-( I guess I would have to code/pack the extensions for each browser...
taxilian 12:03 make sure you're clear on what the differences are; most of the time you need one or the other, there often isn't much overlap
ferae 12:03 You mean some extensions don't allow Javascript at all?
I mean extension "sandboxes"
taxilian 12:03 no, I mean that extensions and plugins are very very different things
ferae 12:03 Yes, I finally figured that one out..
taxilian 12:03 AFAIK you can use javascript in extensions on firefox, chrome, and safari; not on IE at all, AFAIK
however, extensions aren't my area of expertise
ferae 12:03 no problem. I appreciate you insight anyway
thanks for you help...
ch 16:03 taxilian: do you actually work with VS on plugins?
or no IDE at all
taxilian 16:03 yes I use vs and xcode
ch 16:03 is 'Go To Definition/Declaration' reasonably fast for you?
taxilian 16:03 I use visual assist, and it's goto works great
ch 16:03 oh. thats 'Goto Implementation'?
I have a VAX trial but so far it hasn't been very helpful :-)
taxilian 16:03 alt-g
ch 16:03 yeah.
that's fast :)
ch 17:03 how was I any productive without that. :(
taxilian 17:03 alt-o is good too
and alt-shift-o
ch 17:03 wow, yeah
altough it's a bit silly that these things are not built into VS :-/
taxilian 17:03 yeah
ch 18:03 does anyone capture navigation (or any other) events from WebView?
taxilian 19:03 ch: I'd have to look at it again; you're using it?
ch 19:03 taxilian: planning to
I took a quick look at the IWebBrowser API and at the WebKit API and I think I'll have to write quite a bit of platform-specific code anyway
taxilian 19:03 !findfile WebView.h
FireBreathBot 19:03 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
ch 19:03 moving the underlying objects to protected would be nice tho
(so I can extend WebViewWin/Mac)
taxilian 19:03 what exactly do you want to do on page load?
ch 19:03 actually I want to capture the URL of a file download (and handle the download itself in plugin code)
taxilian 19:03 you'll probably have to extend the abstraction for that
ch 19:03 probably easy for IE, not so much with WebKit
taxilian 19:03 actually I would expect the other way around
ch 19:03 I've only spent like 5 minutes with the WebKit reference so far, the delegates didn't look very promising to me
with IE I'd say it's a matter of handling OnBeforeNavigate2 and setting Cancel=True
taxilian 19:03 could be
ch 19:03 that WebViewWin::OnBeforeNavigate isn't hooked up anywhere, is it?
1findfile WebViewWin.cpp
!findfile WebViewWin.cpp
FireBreathBot 19:03 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
ch 19:03 will try to implement that after sleep :)