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ch 05:03 anybody knows how to say Debug Information Format = DWARF with dSYM in cmake?
taxilian 09:03 ch: what platform is this?
ch 09:03 osx/xcode 4.3
taxilian 09:03 you'd probably have to add the compiler flag
ch 09:03 I only see -g in `man clang`, but I'd say this will put the debug info into the binary.
taxilian 09:03 I haven't a clue; never needed to do that, never looked into it
but I'm pretty sure it'll be a flag somewhere if ti's possible =]
ch 09:03 instead of in a .dSYM file. the option in xcode is named DEBUG_INFORMATION_FORMAT, but I have no idea how to say this in cmake
linearray 13:03 taxilian: I believe there has been a misunderstanding... I'm not just talking about updating but also about reloading the plugin during development
taxilian 13:03 you'd have to re-prep the project to change the filename
linearray 13:03 yep, that's considerably more work than restarting the browser
taxilian 14:03 =]
it might be possible to make a visual studio macro that would do it, I suppose