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linearray 01:03 taxilian: I was wondering if calling document.getElementById('pluginhere').innerHTML = ""; document.getElementById('pluginhere').innerHTML = myplugin; in immediate succession might cause a race condition that prevents the browser from reloading the plugin
dougma 06:03 linearray: what you want to do is exploit it for $60k
linearray 06:03 I think google should keep that reward program indefinitely
then they would have a really safe browser some day
taxilian 09:03 linearray: it's hard to say; I'd probably use a setTimeout myself, but I haven't done enough testing to be certain if it's needed or not
linearray: in Chrome when it sometimes doesn't work, are you installing the new version to a new directory (not the old directory)?
linearray 09:03 no
I always update in-place
taxilian 09:03 oh
well of course it doesn't work, then
linearray 09:03 :)
taxilian 09:03 I'm shocked it ever does
on Mac/linux you always need to name the new version differently
and on windows you need to install it to a version-specific directory with a version-specific filename
to be safe
then it'll probably work
the easiest way is to just always put the version in the plugin filename (or .plugin/ dir name on mac)
anyway, try that; let me know if it fixes your issues. I've always been able to reliably update on chrome
gotta run. good luck
linearray 10:03 taxilian_away: maybe we should write some cmake magic to create the name using a timestamp