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dougma 00:03 cloudflare is telling me is offline again, with no cached version available
clicking through "attempt to access the live site" works. what the?
a temporary blip i suppose... but what's the point of cloudflare caching if it doesn't?
taxilian 00:03 dougma: good question. I've had some issues with my server lately; hopefully they will be resolved soon
in about 2 months I can move the firebreath site to my house and host it on my comcast connection (so I have more control of it), but I don't dare do that 'til after I move or it may be down for a week while I do
dougma 00:03 yeah i was just grumbling at cloudflare
taxilian 00:03 I'm with you
someone hacked one of my wordpress sites the other day and the traffic they sent to my server trying to use it to send spam took down all the websites hosted by my server
kinda seems like it hasn't fully recovered since :-/
but I can't reinstall the server easily
dougma 00:03 yikes. what a hassle!
taxilian 00:03 yeah
it annoyed me somewhat
on the other hand (talking about cloudflare) when I redirected the wordpress site in question to go through cloudflare cloudflare successfully filtered out all of the requests
dougma 00:03 well that's a good feature!
taxilian 00:03 there is only about 24 hours worth of data so far, but of the 9233 page views on the site, 8897 were filtered as being "threats"
so the reason the site is getting back to normal is thanks to cloudflare
hmm. all from the Urkaine. interesting
dougma 00:03 it may be that for my cloudflare cache doesn't see a lot of traffic for Firebreath so it falls out of cache.
taxilian 00:03 anyway, I just finished cleaning out one of my bedrooms entirely and tomorrow (after the carpet dries from cleaning it) I need to move my office into that room so that this room can be a family room when people come look at the house to buy it, so I need to go to bed now
that's possible
also Confluence is really really bad at giving cacheable pages
dougma 00:03 right.
taxilian 00:03 it sends no-cache headers on every html page it serves up
dougma 00:03 well... g'night!
taxilian 00:03 g'day =]
Kate__ 00:03 I am building a firebreath project using It says - CMake Error: The source directory "/Users/tst_mac_mini_4/Documents/Works" does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt
I checked the environment variables PROJDIR and FB_ROOT and found both of them are not set. Can any of you guide me on the build process?
dougma 00:03 did you run with any parameters? path/to/your/fb/project
Kate__ 00:03 yes
i did projects/ build/
from within the project directory
dougma 00:03 so wouldn't that be: . build/ ?
Kate__ 00:03 that didnt help.
One strange observation is that the error shown says CMakeLists.txt is not available in the parent directory. Do you have any observation?
dougma 01:03 does prepmac say anything else?
dougma 01:03 maybe.... if you have added prepmac to your path: don't.
Kate__ 02:03 please check what i got.
mine is MAc OS X Lion 10.7.3
dougma 04:03 Kate__: do you have xcode installed?
oh yeah... you do, xcodebuild goes on to return an error
here's some other people having the same problem:
linearray 06:03 Kate__: cp /Applications/ /Developer/Applications/
why do people use google code for issues? how can they even do that?
ah, it's old
taxilian_away: maybe you should delete the google code downloads?
linearray 08:03 taxilian_away: unfortunately I can't edit the wiki... when I click Edit the page body is blank
taxilian 08:03 linearray: I have hidden the links to the gcode download links; I don't know what else to do
I don't know how people keep finding things on the issues
that particular issue was before we switched to jira, though
linearray 08:03 hmm
you can't delete this?
taxilian 08:03 I can't, unfortunately
linearray 08:03 ok
taxilian 08:03 I can flag them all as deprecated, though
that might help
linearray 08:03 cool, it's gone
from the default view
linearray 08:03 unfortunately the wiki editing is still broken for me :(
taxilian 09:03 huh
I have no idea...
works fine for me
try a different browser?
linearray 09:03 I did
I blame cloudflare.
taxilian 09:03 did you try swearing at it?
linearray 09:03 plenty
taxilian 09:03 my guess is my server is having issues again
reichi 09:03 lol
linearray 09:03 different computer/IP, now it works
reichi 09:03 editing works nice here, too
taxilian 09:03 huh
well, restarted nginx again; I suspect I'm going to have to move the FireBreath stuff to another web server somehow
anyway, I need to go get my hair cut before someone starts using me as a mop
then I'll be working most of the day on my house
linearray 09:03 hippie!
I hope you're movin voluntarily
taxilian 09:03 yeah
but that means we have to sell the current house
linearray 09:03 sure
ch 14:03 linearray: which parts of the DDK directory structure do I need for firebreath? (ATL etc)
taxilian:which parts of the DDK directory structure do I need for firebreath? (ATL etc)
(TAB is a bad key)
taxilian 15:03 ch: probably just atl
ch 15:03 right; should've said that i've redownloaded the ddk in the meantime
sorry :-)
taxilian 15:03 sorry, I'm AFK most of today working on my house
but I'm glad you got it working =]
jshanab_wcw 16:03 I have a sudden problem with my plugin and was wondering if anyone has a clue. I use SFML to display video and it quit working on ie9 this week. We made a lot of css changes so I thought maybe the video is obscured and old css/jquery works in a dumbed down mode. Any ideas what may be different?
works on safari and chrome
So it must be a change to activeX ???