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Jake__ 06:03 hey guys..... I have a plugin..... it worked well the past few days up until today... i haven't changed anything yesterday.... and yesterday... it worked really well.. it doesn't work now.... any ideas what might have happened?
reichi 06:03 what's the problem?
jinzhu 07:03 Hi All, Do you know how to save my plugin's setting?
I haven't found it in the document.
reichi 07:03 what do you mean with "my plugin's setting"?
stuff the user should be able to save when the plugin is running in his browser?
Jake__ 07:03 hey guys... it's me again.. what might have happened to my plugin?? the past few days it worked fine, although there was an assertion error.. but now it doesn't work at all... :(
jinzhu 07:03 Hi reichi, yes, I means that.
reichi 07:03 afaik there is nothing like that "built in"
jinzhu 07:03 so is there any official way to handle this?
reichi 07:03 you have to use common technique to save stuff
e.g. saving some .ini or xml-file in the plugin directory
jinzhu 07:03 sorry, could you give me more information, I am quite new to all of them...
reichi 07:03 well I don't have much time
you can create "any" kind of file and write stuff to it
no matter if it's xml-settings
or something else
jinzhu 07:03 ok, really thanks for your help. I would check related things. I am just really new to those things. new to c++, new to write ie/firefox plugin... but, but need to finish a plugin in two days.... ;(
But the good things is I found firebreath, seems fancy ;)
reichi 07:03 in two days?
without any knowledge?
that's sounds pretty much impossible to me...
jinzhu 07:03 reichi, yes, believe it or not... only two days...
but the good things is mostly it is javascript things.
reichi 07:03 unless it's VERY basic
you have no chance
without c++ knowledge
what is it you have to do?
and do you know the difference between browser plugins and browser extensions?
jinzhu 08:03 I just need to wrap some javascript files. and save some settings with the plugin.
I think I know that, I have written some chrome's plugin.
ch 08:03 you mean, extensions
which are not plugins
reichi 08:03 that's why I've asked
taxilian 08:03
jinzhu: make sure you've read that
reichi 08:03 exploded ;9
jinzhu 08:03 Hi, I have read that, what I am doing is `write a 'plugin', this plugin would import some javascripts files in some website.`
taxilian 08:03 jinzhu: if you have read that, then you should know that a plugin doesn't do that
you probably need an extension
I suggest you go read it again
jinzhu 08:03 and would store the the user's info (would alert a input box with javascript to let user input it) into a file when initialize the `plugin.`
with firebreath, I can't do this?
taxilian 08:03 you can do the save/restore stuff; you can't do anything involving automatically inserting javascript into a page
you only have any control on a page that your plugin has been added to
with an object tag
reichi 08:03 or: if you don't have control over the page-content, cannot use a npapi plugin
taxilian 08:03 some people have written an extension that uses a npapi plugin internally
reichi 08:03 <--
my qt webkit has same native methods that actually just add the npapi object to the dom
taxilian 08:03 reichi: you can add a NPObject to the DOM wtih normal NPAPI as well… once your plugin has started
reichi 08:03 well
jinzhu 08:03 this is means I can't active the plugin in any website I want?
reichi 08:03 someone tought it is a great idea to add a "ObjectFactory" to the standard I am implementing
taxilian 08:03 correct
which is clearly explained in the article that I mentioned
jinzhu 08:03 just in those pages loaded my plugin?
taxilian 08:03 correct
reichi 08:03 you could use a browser-extension to force the load
jinzhu 08:03 ahhh... I understand it...
reichi 08:03 and do the rest in the plugin
that's what i do for example
jinzhu 08:03 that's not a good news for me.... then all is blank again...
reichi 08:03 there is now cross-browser-extension framework yet
at least none that's freely available
so don't put too much hope on that
but why do you need a plugin?
just to save stuff?
there's much better ways to persist data in browser nowadays
most browsers offer HTML5 Storage
or well
you can always fall back to cookies
jinzhu 08:03 I just want to active those javascript files in some websites.
but but, IE don't support HTML5.
reichi 08:03 gotta go for cookies there
jinzhu 08:03 and most of our customers are using IE.
yes, but it would be expired'
taxilian 08:03 you can set the cookie expiration when you create it
reichi 08:03 they won't expire if you do it... a taxillian was faster
jinzhu 08:03 and we don't want to our users keep inputting their emails
taxilian 08:03 dude, if that's your only reason for creating a plugin, *just say no*
*never* create a plugin when you can do it with something less invasive
jinzhu 08:03 yes, but it is not reliably, and because we are using it in different websites.
and those website won't share those cookies
taxilian 08:03 !lmgt SSO
jinzhu 08:03 so there are problems.
taxilian 08:03 .lmgt Single Sign on
FireBreathBot 08:03 Let me google that for you:
taxilian 08:03 go read up
it's the latest thing
it allows you to share a login across multiple domains
jinzhu 08:03 yes, but those websites don't belongs to us...
we can't control them.
taxilian 08:03 I don't know what to tell you. You might be able to do it with a BHO, but IE isn't really friendly to the task you're attempting
and you can't do it with just a normal plugin
your chances of doing it in 2 days are pretty low, my friend; *I* probably couldn't do that in 2 days, and I wrote most of FireBreath
reichi 08:03 well i know what to tell you
never ever commit to "done in two days" for things like that
sometimes one just has to stand the point of "sorry but that's impossible"
jinzhu 08:03 ahh... that's really bad... but big thanks to you guys.
reichi 08:03 :/
IE is just an incredible misery in making things work on all browsers
not damn matter what you are actually trying to accomplish
jinzhu 08:03 :)
linearray 08:03 hehe
the bugfix for FBTestPlugin broke it even more
taxilian 08:03 oops
can you fix it? I'm really really swamped right now
linearray 08:03 I'm afraid I can't but maybe I can make wroberts fix it
taxilian 10:03 linearray: I think i fixed it
at least, it preps and builds for me on windows
however, my fix was basically to revert that pull request
so what was the problem with it?
linearray 10:03 well
see the attached gist :)
it generates broken #defines (at least on mac)
taxilian 10:03 ahh. I see it. hmm
… why are commit notifications not working anymore?
very weird
FireBreathBot 10:03 JIRA issue issue resolved by richard "Okay, now is all fixed."
linearray 10:03 awesome!
taxilian 11:03 was totally my fault
linearray 13:03 I want to create a separate executable in my plugin project and I would like it to be a separate target in xcode/VS files
Unfortunately, to me CMake is like the bastard child of shell scripting and perl. In other words: Satan himself.
Am I looking for add_executable()?
taxilian 15:03 linearray: yes
linearray 15:03 jolly good!
linearray 16:03 boost library of the day:
taxilian 16:03 hehe
yeah, that's a useful one
spifff 21:03 hi... i'm trying to access an NPAPI plugin from a chrome extension. I've generated a vanilla project with fbgen, compiled it, placed it in the extension directory, and referenced it from manifest.json. However trying to load the plugin via an embed tag from the plugin html doesn't seem to do anything... any hints on getting this basic setup working? (sorry if this is the wrong channel)
dougma 21:03 probably someone can help you, i've not done chrome extensions so i can't...
i'd suggest maybe just check that the plugin instantiates ok by trying it outside of your extension