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dougma 00:03 oh... Website Offline, No Cached Version Available
google can cache it, cloudflare didn't
i'm surprised.... it's a pretty static page:
Binbo 00:03 still dunno how to release the thread during unload
plugin crash after reloading the page
dougma 00:03 well... i still dunno what you're trying
FireBreathBot 00:03 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
Binbo 00:03 i declared the boost thread in the API header private class member
i initialized it in the constructor of mypluginAPI.cpp
now i ran separately from main thread
what i have done is set a bool flag variable
if true the while loop inside the thread will continously run
and then I set it false at static deinitialized function
while loop should end and i put thread.detach()
i didn't get the concept i think =_+
dougma 00:03 i don't think you want detach
thread.join() waits for the thread to finish
Binbo 00:03
dougma 00:03 internal server error?
Binbo 00:03
dougma 00:03 ha...
deader than tank tops
Binbo 00:03 ?
dougma 00:03 is "500 internal server error" for me
Binbo 00:03 ...
i try on another pb
dougma 00:03 make MyPlugin::getflag a static method
Binbo 00:03 try it now
dougma 01:03 actually... that won't fix it.
don't call detach
Binbo 01:03 call join?
dougma 01:03 no.
the join call goes in StaticDeinitialise
Binbo 01:03 is that means i have to move the run method into MyPlugin.cpp?
dougma 01:03 or put the thread stopping part in ~MyPluginAPI?
Binbo 01:03 i moved getflag to mypluginAPI
and put threadflag = false and then t1.join() in destructor of MyPluginAPI
during reload, it hang for several seconds and then
ch 02:03
use this.
Binbo 02:03 website offline = =
sun123 02:03 hi
M new to firebreath. Plz tell me how to create plugin using firebreath
robert777 07:03 hey guys.. i have a question about including a dll as a dependency to my plugin. the library in question is libpng, which i have already built, but i just can't seem to figure out how to have it end up alongside the dll and for wix to install it. what is the general procedure here for dependencies?
taxilian 07:03 easiest is to make a post-build action that copies the .dll to the output directory
robert777 07:03 okay, i'll look into it. thanks!
linearray 09:03 taxilian: is the info on Debugging Safari/Mac still current?
IMO you just attach to PluginProcess and that's it
taxilian 09:03 recent versions of Safari often kill your process out of hand if it doesn't respond in a very short time period
otherwise, probably more or less accurate
linearray 09:03 either way I think WebkitPluginHost is gone
I'll rewrite it a bit down? :)
taxilian 09:03 it works for me
linearray 09:03 not for me
taxilian 09:03 hmm
perhaps cloudflare is more trouble than it is worth :-/
linearray 09:03 I'll go out for a bit and see if it works later
taxilian 10:03 :-/ let me know if this happens frequently and I'll come up with something
linearray 10:03 well, what really sucks is that the "live version" link doesn't work either
so either it's not really a link to the live version
or it's really unavailable for cloudflare
taxilian 10:03 and yet it still works fine for me
must be a cloudflare node down
linearray 10:03 maybe it's possible to have which is never behind cloudflare?
although it would be a pain because of the other subdomains
taxilian 10:03 previously I haven't had much luck making confluence work well that way, but I may try it
taxilian 10:03 linearray: nope, the site is down; there are just some cached pages
nginx is borked on the server, no idea why
trying to fix
linearray 10:03 :)
taxilian 10:03 could be a bit of a problem
taxilian 10:03 crap; this looks like it may be a remote exploit
linearray 10:03 wasn't me
taxilian 10:03 heh. I'm glad to hear that
taxilian 11:03 okay, the website seems to be back up
someone hacked one of my wordpress sites
and it took down nginx
probably a good thing, since it kept the exploit from spamming people
now I just have to repair my wordpress install :-/
linearray 11:03 hm, wordpress
I naively hope that ubuntu updates that for me
taxilian 11:03 it probably doesn't =]
tyoungbe 13:03 anybody know how to prevent the plugin from flashing on resize of the browser?
taxilian 13:03 seems like someone had that issue and found there was an additional WM message they needed to handle
but I don't remember the details
tyoungbe 13:03 I tried adding WM_ERASEBKGND to the message handler in PluginWindowWin and returning 0 but no luck.
taxilian 13:03 you'd return true, not 0
!find PluginWindowWin.cpp
!findfile PluginWindowWin.cpp
hey… where'd my bot go?
lazy slacker bot!
!findfile PluginWindowWin.cpp
FireBreathBot 13:03 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
tyoungbe 13:03 Nice!
That did the trick!
taxilian 14:03 seriously? huh
tyoungbe 14:03 yeah
thanks for the help!
taxilian 14:03 yw
dreijer 14:03 where do I easily change the runtime library to link against? I see it's set to MT by default and I want MD
taxilian 14:03 !wiki prep scripts
FireBreathBot 14:03 ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for 502 Bad Gateway> (file "/usr/lib/python2.6/", line 1243, in request)
taxilian 14:03 heh. wow.
dreijer 14:03 haha
taxilian 14:03 see the prep scripts page on the wiki
dreijer 14:03 kk
btw, kudos for the great level of customization of firebreath
taxilian 14:03 thanks. we've tried hard =]
dreijer 14:03 was just about to ask about boost until I finished reading the prep page
taxilian 14:03 it's a good page to read
dreijer 14:03 do I need to include the path to the build dir if I'm using params to the prepXX?
taxilian 14:03 on windows, yes
other platforms, no
it will default to build/
dreijer 14:03 ok
hmm, I'm getting:
Parse error in command line argument: -D
Should be: VAR:type=value
taxilian 14:03 platform?
dreijer 14:03 am I supposed to wrap everything in quotes, i.e. from -D to the end of that param?
taxilian 14:03 yes, that's exactly what you need to do
dreijer 14:03 ah there we go
taxilian 14:03 I usually make my own prep script that calls the firebreath one with the parameters I need
dreijer 14:03 yeah, already did that
hrm, "Manually-specified variables were not used by the project:" and then it lists all the variables I passed
taxilian 14:03 delete the build dir first
dreijer 14:03 or maybe that's the wix project
dreijer 14:03 hmm, didn't make a difference
it parses this fine, ostensibly: CMAKE parameters: "-D WITH_DYNAMIC_MSVC_RUNTIME=1" "-D WITH_SYSTEM_BOOST=1" "-D Boost_USE_STATIC_LIBS=on" "-D BOOST_ROOT=../boost_1_46_1_sdk"
taxilian 14:03 try removing the sapce
between -D and the param
dreijer 14:03 ah yeah
ch 15:03 is there something like a plugin host binary that isn't a full browser?
taxilian 15:03 not that I'm aware of
it's on my todo list, but it's a ways out =]
ch 15:03 ok :/
Randy_ 15:03 The forum appears to be down, so I thought I would give this a try (I've never tried an IRC)...
taxilian 15:03 ahh, didn't realize that hadn't come back up yet
I'm debating between leaving it down and putting it back up with a big "don't use this except for reference" notice, though
that forum hasn't worked very well
Randy_ 15:03 I am trying to add full screen capabilities to my browser plugin.
I haven't been able to find any info on the web about it.
Right now it is strictly Win32
taxilian 15:03 npapi doesn't give you a way to do that
Randy_ 15:03 I have a DirectX game attached to the provided window.
taxilian 15:03 but what you can do is create a new window and make that full screen
Randy_ 15:03 So is my only option (and the road I am headed down) to create my own separate popup window and somehow get my game routed over to that one while in full screen?
taxilian 15:03 yes
Randy_ 15:03 Bummer, but it is what I figured. I see no way to detach the current hwnd and switch it from a child window to a popup.
taxilian 15:03 that is correct; there is no way to do that
Randy_ 15:03 Good to confirm anyway. Didn't want to make a bunch of extra work for myself and then be told, "why didn't you just do blah..."? :-)
taxilian 15:03 there, forum is fixed
if it makes you feel any better, Mac is even worse =]
Randy_ 15:03 That's next. :(
Thanks for the help. It may be a bad thing that I found this IRC!
taxilian 15:03 we're usually around
stackoverflow is probably the next best place to ask
Randy_ 15:03 I do find a lot of good answers there.
In case you are curious, I work for Walt Disney and I am tasked with getting our latest game(s) running in browser.
taxilian 15:03 sounds "fun" =]
but always good to hear about other companies that use FireBreath
Randy_ 15:03 It has certainly saved me a ton of work.
I have it working fairly well. Some shutdown/refresh page issues on some browsers, but all-in-all it's working very well. We have to demo it to the powers that be on the 9th.
taxilian 15:03 well, if it's been really helpful please contribute back in whatever way you can. everything helps, helping people out in the IRC room or forums, donating money, writing documentation, writing blog posts, contributing examples, etc
Randy_ 15:03 I would love to have a full-screen toggle in there.
taxilian 15:03 full screen can be pretty straightforward if you can abstract out the window message handling so that you can switch it without changing too much code
Randy_ 15:03 I'll do what I can. Thanks again. Probably not the last you will hear from me.
taxilian 16:03 if we're not here, just ask your question and wait around 'til we come back
on a weekend that may take a day or two, but we'll get back eventually =]
BY 16:03 I am having trouble using external boost on Windows
and Boost_ADDITIONAL_VERSIONS='1.40;1.40.0'
taxilian 16:03 what is your full commandline for the prep script?
BY 16:03 prep2008.cmd MyPlugin Build "-DWITH_SYSTEM_BOOST=ON" "-DBoost_ADDITIONAL_VERSIONS='1.40;1.40.0'" "-DBoost_USE_STATIC_LIBS=ON" "-DBOOST_ROOT='%MY_PATH%'" "-DBoost_USE_STATIC_RUNTIME=ON
taxilian 16:03 hmm. no idea, then
anyone else around that is using system boost?
I don't use it
what are hte problems you're having, I should ask
BY 16:03 It looks like Boost is found because I get output "Boost version: 1.40.0" and finds the correct include path...
but says boost_thread boost_system libraries could not be found
Everything looks right, and the boost build scripts we use look right too
Although, I'm wondering now if the static lib build is faulty
taxilian 16:03 hmm. I really don't know; it is possible that 1.40 is too old to work
I haven't tested it with a version that old
BY 16:03 ah... thats what I was wondering too
taxilian 16:03 but there aren't any significant changes between that and 1.45 that I know of either, so I don't know
BY 16:03 yea... I don't think system or thread have changes since then, but you never know I guess
it looked like the FB doc uses 1.43
and latest boost is 1.48
if no one has other ideas, I'll try that
taxilian 16:03 1.45 is what is currently in FireBreath
BY 16:03 ok, I can try that then
Binbo 17:03 refering to FBtestplugin example
what "callback" parameter actually is?
in simplestreamhelper
taxilian 18:03 Binbo: go look at how it is used
or are you talking aboujt the FB::JSObjectPtr callback?
that's a javascript function