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taxilian 09:12 g'morning all
kylehuff 09:12 morning
taxilian 09:12 how are you this fine Christmas Eve?
kylehuff 09:12 very well, thank you. how are you?
taxilian 09:12 oh, not too bad
the kids are sick, so I dunno if we'll be able to go any any of the family christmas activities :-/ other than that, pretty good
kylehuff 09:12 yeah, same here, except we are 2,921 miles from family Christmas activities, so it doesn't actually matter.
taxilian 09:12 heh. with the military, or just live that far away?
kylehuff 09:12 the Military moved me that far away -- so option C - All of the above.
taxilian 09:12 ahh
where are you at these days?
kylehuff 09:12 Fort Bragg, North Carolina
attached to the 82nd Airborne Division
taxilian 09:12 cool. your family with you, I assume?
kylehuff 09:12 Yeah. it is a minimum 3 year assignment, so the family is with me
taxilian 09:12 I have found that most places would be fine to be as long as my family is there =]
… though I admit the free babysitters nearby would be a huge loss if I were to move somewhere
kylehuff 09:12 I agree with your findings. and yes, the loss of the free babysitting is rather grievous...
kylehuff 09:12 so, I just noticed that I was op'ed for this channel. are you having issues in here with grief'ers?
taxilian 09:12 nah. just figured I should have one or two other people with the ability in case there was a problem
I hit jshanab too but it didn't stick for some reason
kylehuff 09:12 ah, gotcha.
taxilian 09:12 well, there is one family activity I will be able to attend today — and in order to be ready for it, I need to go clean my guns =]
(which unfortunately haven't been cleaned in about 7 years, so I'm thinking I should probably do so before shooting them)
so I'm headed downstairs to do so where the kids won't try to play with things they aren't yet old enough to be taught to understand
Merry Christmas, everyone (and optionally happy whatever else you celebrate around this time of year)
kylehuff 09:12 Merry Chirstmas taxilian; and enjoy shooting! (my favorite holiday activity)
taxilian 10:12 I just hope I can still hit a target =] it has been nearly 8 years since I last fired my handguns; that's really sad/pathetic
probably time to shoot all my carry ammo, though; I only have one box of practice rounds anyway, so that's probably good :-P
kylehuff 11:12 yeah, I have not been out shooting my own weapons in over a year.