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gargle 02:02 Hi
mkoch_ 04:02 linearray: yes, I'm sure unfortunately
mkoch_ 04:02 and now I've found it, it's time to bang my head into the desk, the getLogLevel was out of the class, I overlooked one closing } and the program was syntactically correct but the function never got called... :D
so it's working fine now
gargle 04:02 Hi, Somone know how to fire a custom event from MyStreamHandler to javascript?
dougma 05:02 ?
gargle 05:02 thanks, but I looking for fire event from a stream flow. I use the simplePlugin exemple (MyStreamHandler)
and after downloaded the file, i play it and i would like to fire the "playfinished" event
FireBreathBot 05:02 Commit c9bb475 on master by dougma: "FIREBREATH-169: No need to hold a reference to the browser h..."
gargle 05:02 I know when the play is finished, but not how to cross the stream base
dougma 05:02 i don't know the simplePlugin example, or MyStreamHandler
gargle 05:02 MyStreamHandler
mkoch 06:02 re
can I modify the rate of the autoinvalidation once it has been started?
dougma 06:02 looks like it.
the first thing StartAutoInvalidate does is call StopAutoInvalidate
mkoch 06:02 right, thx
MBarni 06:02 whats the best way to develop a way for my website to acess a .DLL file in the users machine?
A plugin in NPAPI can acess a native windows dll file?
I need my website to comunicate directly with a Windows Smart Device.
dougma 06:02 MBarni: yes npapi do that.
npapi can do that, i mean.
MBarni 06:02 Is there an example to look for? Im really confused about developing using NPAPI.
mkoch 07:02 floricsika
FireBreathBot 08:02 JIRA issue issue commented by medusade "I added this issue because I didn't know if this was a known problem with the ATL code.
taxilian 10:02 good morning everyone
reichi 11:02 good morning taxilian
(though it's about 7pm here)
gargle 11:02 Hi taxilian
taxilian 11:02 lol
gotta love time zones