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ch 05:02 if I have two tabs with the same plugin, will those share the same pluginprocess?
ch 05:02 indeed.
reichi 05:02 afaik they all share the same process
dougma 06:02 not on ie9 right
let me check that.
ie9: new tab new process
with IE the plugin lives with the tab, rather than being isolated in yet another separate process
that why IE draw performance is better :)
reichi 06:02 mmh
i think ie9 has pretty good 2d drawing perfomance
dougma 06:02 i think so too
reichi 06:02 wasn't it one of the major improvements MS advertisted about it?
mkoch_ 09:02 hi
I still can't set loglevel
I have this in my Factory.cpp:
FB::Log::LogLevel getLogLevel(){return FB::Log::LogLevel_Warn; }
but the log is still full of INFO level messages
is this a bug, or I'm doing it wrong?
linearray 09:02 I had this problem as well
thought I was crazy, because it comes and goes
try rebuilding/deleting the build directory
mkoch_ 09:02 thx, i try it
btw I'm almost sure that the build dependenties are broken somewhere, if I modify files in the core, sometimes I need to clean and rebuild all to have the changes compiled
mkoch_ 10:02 hm deleting the complete build folder, then recompiling all didn't help, I still get the INFO level stuff...
linearray 11:02 :/
you are sure it does load the new plugin, right?
and not some old version
linearray 12:02 taxilian: think PPAPI support will increase now that adobe uses it on linux?
taxilian 12:02 linearray: didn't know that adobe was using it. maybe
linearray 13:02 if I understand this correctly, the chrome built-in flash is PPAPI
the PDF reader is PPAPI as well
reichi 16:02 hmm
i love the "plugin doesn't load and i won't tell you why" mentality of the browsers... NOT
shenberg 22:02 Hey, I finally sent a pull request for the ActiveX changes I made in FB
taxilian 22:02 I saw it; haven't had time to fully review it yet
I'll look at it now
git pull request
FireBreathBot 22:02 3 open pull requests:
shenberg: Explicit implementations of createElement and appendChild DO...
dougma: Simple stream fix
wroberts: Rename FBSTRING_FileDescription to FBSTRING_PluginDescriptio...
shenberg 22:02 This will be my first serious commit to open-source
dougma 22:02 oh yeah, i meant to create a jira ticket for mine
taxilian 22:02 congrats =]
shenberg: would you mind also creating a JIRA ticket for this? it makes it much easier to track changes
shenberg 22:02 sure
dougma 22:02 should appendChild return a value?
shenberg 22:02 The javascript behavior is to return the child just appended
I don't remember if I emulated that
dougma 22:02 no, you made it void
shenberg 22:02 Hmm, so that should probably change to match the JS
What type of ticket do you want on JIRA?
taxilian 22:02 probably a feature request
shenberg 22:02 New Feature, Improvement and Task all seem applicable :)
taxilian 22:02 new feature
or improvement
don't care =]
I just want a jira ticket # to put on the commit and to make it easier to spot changes
FireBreathBot 22:02 JIRA issue issue created by dougma
JIRA issue issue created by shenberg
taxilian 22:02 if you guys really want to be nice and save me time, you could rewrite your commit messages to include those ticket numbers =]
then I could just directly merge the commit in =]
dougma: I'm also waiting for a pull request for the new variant; how is your testing going?
dougma 22:02 it's fine for me.
you suggested there were still leaks with fbtestplugin last week but leakfinder (windows) showed nothing besides all the static variables
rewriting the commit message would entail another git branch right?
(i will probably merge it myself and fix the message then)
taxilian 22:02 dougma: depends; if nobody else has used your branch then you can just rewrite the history
git rebase -i HEAD~4
or however many commits back you need to check
then set the status on each line to reword (I think; check the options)
it'll then open the editor for each of those commits and let you change the message
then to push do git push -f origin <branchname>
(be careful with that command; it'll override all branches if you aren't specific, so if there are remote changes you don't have it may try to override them)
dougma 22:02 but as it's on github i have no idea who has used my branch, so that would be nasty
shenberg: was it you who identified that variant leak?
taxilian 22:02 dougma: true. well, don't worry about it; I'll pull it in manually
dougma 22:02 what's the advantage of specialising appendChild and createElement for activeX?
taxilian 22:02 it doesn't work otherwise
activex is weird; some things it exposes through idispatch and other things it doesn't
dougma 22:02 i see! fair enough then. :)
taxilian 22:02 Aye thawte sew
dougma 22:02 did you get your new house?
taxilian 22:02 the sellers have accepted the offer, but it's a short sale, so the bank has to approve it
could be a couple of weeks to a couple of months before we know
still have to sell my old house somehow :-/
currently I'm in California, though
through Friday
dougma 22:02 busy times!
taxilian 22:02 yeah
ahh, well
dougma 22:02 i'm nervous about hitting "merge-pull-request" on github. do i get a chance to choose commits?
taxilian 22:02 nope; if you want that, do it by hand =]
dougma 22:02 i accidentally committed my 169 fix to the variant branch. :(
taxilian 22:02 push -f will fix that
just move it back
nobody will have pulled from your branch in the last 10 min
dougma 23:02 well i did it days ago... but still no one will have used it. :)
taxilian 23:02 hehe
dougma 23:02 later... now, work intrudes.