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shenberg 18:02 Hey, is there any chance that addEventListener doesn't work in IE9 (even though it's been added in standards mode)?
(as in, doesn't work on the plugin object, not doesn't work in general)
Or rather, I can confirm that's the case - addEventListener isn't failing, but the event is never called, while attachEvent works fine, and the addEventListener call works fine in chrome/firefoxd
linearray 18:02 you totally need some quality time with the wiki
shenberg 19:02 Ah, good thing IE9 became "standards compliant" :/
shenberg 21:02 Urgh... I'm having a bad time on mac - make_method on a method accepting an std::vector<double>& fails (I assume because it's non-const) - I'm doing some destructive changes on the vector (which is nasty, I admit), but this is highly-critical code and I want to avoid the extra copy
Hmm, on second thought
never mind, if the vector gets big enough I'll change it to use a json string as a parameter anyway