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Jogi 02:02 Hi. I am working on creating an openGl plugin using firebreath. This application will render 3D visualizations by reading data from a file. I followed the steps given here - to understand the basics of opengl plugin developement. I have compiled the project as well. But i do not know how to proceed from here. How do i embed this into HTML?
FireBreathBot 02:02 Jogi: 15 Feb 16:23Z <taxilian> tell Jogi you'll have to create an opengl context and draw to it; there is an example of doing so in windows on the wiki and on Mac in BasicMediaPlayer
Jogi 03:02 <object id="player1" type="application/x-vnd.FBBasicMediaPlayer" width="300" height="200" drawingModel="NPDrawingModelQuickDraw"></object>
Can you please tell me what drawingModel="NPDrawingModelQuickDraw" is??
is it an openGL function? And where is the context being created?
EvilTengil 03:02 More drawing issues!
Anyone know why it looks like that in IE but not FF or Chrome?
It's windowless GDI drawn only on RefreshEvent
Using taxilians pastie code for drawing a buffer
dougma 04:02 FireBreathBot: tell EvilTengil that's IE 'stripe' painting... this is the code i use to deal with it:
FireBreathBot 04:02 dougma: I'll pass that on when EvilTengil is around.
reichi 11:02 hmm
note: don't try to fire events from within the constructor
2nd note: read the backtrace completely...
shenberg 20:02 Hey, is returning an std::vector from a JSAPIAuto method the wrong way to return an array? I was sort of surprised it didn't compile...
FireBreathBot 20:02 shenberg: 18 Feb 05:39Z <taxilian> tell shenberg uuse CComPtr and CComQIPtr to avoid leaking
dougma 20:02 shenberg: a vector of variants should work
there is a typedef for it: VariantList