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Serge 05:12 alright
hi guys
I'm totally new to this
I've downloaded the zip package , now what ? :;o
David___ 05:12 Hey…I'm learning this too
here are my notes on how to get it to work...
2) Go to root folder of firebreath and run "python"
then run the prep command
I'm on a mac so I run
Serge 05:12 yeah I'm windows
sec gonna try that
David___ 05:12 I haven't done it in windows yet
Serge 05:12 python not recognized
lol fu
David___ 05:12 I just got it to work from my mac for the first time a few mins ago
you need to install python
and cmake
Serge 05:12 ya
David___ 05:12 taxilian… I figured out my build and prep issue from yesterday. I didn't have the Xcode command line tools installed. Once I installed it, I was able to run prep without any issues. and then it build with no issues.. I just got my first plugin installed in the browser!
Serge 05:12 :)
God, my internet is slow
I need a plugin for my .NET application
chrome & firefox
I'm a cpp noob though :p
urgh, python command hasn't been added to patch :s
David___ 05:12 I'll need a plugin for .Net too in a few weeks.. I need one for the Mac first. please send me any notes you have notes when you get it to work. it might seve me some when I get around to it
Serge 05:12 ok
I get syntax error when running python
wait, cmake worked
idk what I did, I ran cmake with cmake.exe
it built something , now what ?
David___ 05:12 check out the videos on the website
Serge 05:12 That's all I should do, run cmake ?
David___ 05:12 and read over the getting started section
for the mac, I run 'python'
and then './'
then I can build the project in xcode
then I can install the plugin
ok, I need to run now. let me know how it goes for you
Serge 05:12 hmm
how ?
David___ 05:12 how what?
Serge 05:12 let you know, you're leaving ?
David___ 05:12
i'll stay in the chat
but I need to step away now
Serge 05:12 ah ok
David___ 05:12 for a few hours
Serge 05:12 thanks for that link :o
see ya
David___ 05:12 np
Serge 05:12 -_-
David___ 12:12 TigerRag1