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linearray 07:02 taxilian_away: the way it currently works you can't have a config.h in your project, because CommonPluginConfig.cmake thinks you want to use that instead of the auto-generated config.h
is this a good idea? maybe we should rename config.h to something more uncommon like FBConfig.h
Binbo 08:02 i used asyncpost method
checked at my web server monitor
the data (postdata) is in parameter name instead of calue
linearray 09:02 git pull request
FireBreathBot 09:02 ValueError: Input must be serialised JSON. (file "/home/richard/phenny/", line 68, in json)
linearray 09:02 wut
git pull requests
FireBreathBot 09:02 1 open pull request:
linearray: Renamed config.h to FireBreathConfig.h to prevent name clash...
linearray 09:02 Binbo: as always, post code
FireBreathBot 09:02 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
Binbo 09:02 i think i can just write it down here
assume i set string data = abcd
when i POST it
i see the at parameter name = abcd and no value
at my web server
linearray 09:02 I know
and that's why I asked you for code
because I don't like to speculate what's wrong :)
but I assume you passed data to AsyncPost, when you should pass std::string("data=")+data;
Binbo 09:02 owh suppose to be that
thanks i'll try =)
just to clarify
the postdata can be only a string rite?
linearray 09:02 yes
it really looks like GET parameters
e.g. "foo=bar&frob=quux"
Binbo 09:02 erm i guess i can just append all my struct member into one string
initially i would like to send the structure itself so it will be seen more like a data protocol
linearray 09:02 you can just post JSON over POST
Binbo 10:02 is it normal to have "?" in when i receive the json string. like this - {? "ipv4" : "",? "ipv6" : " 2001:0:4137:9e76:280e:eea2:5e74:9aae"?}?
taxilian 12:02 Binbo: no, the ? should not be there
linearray 12:02 alright
after just having typed git reset --hard in the wrong terminal
I can start over and call it something other than config.h :P
taxilian 12:02 lol
reichi 12:02 linearray: tried git fsck --lost-found
taxilian 12:02 linearray: why would you have another global/config.h file?
reichi 12:02 you may have a chance to get it back
taxilian 12:02 the global/ subdirectory is not in the include path, so having another config.h file shouldn't be a problem
linearray 12:02 reichi: I think that works only if you did git add before
taxilian: it's not about includes
reichi 12:02 oh, you didn't even ad?
that's sad :/
linearray 12:02 I made it a bit clearer in the pull request
cmake will copy config.h instead of gen_templates/config.h to global/config.h
taxilian 12:02 ahh. hmm. that's a point
had forgotten about that
that could be an issue
need to think about how to fix that one
well, just needed to check something. I'm out. good luck, ya'll.
linearray 14:02 reichi: do you git add your files before commit, assuming you added them before?
reichi 14:02 i always try to do it in time
i lost the work of 3 days once
linearray 14:02 :)
I see.
another hint I read on StackOverflow is to never use reset
reichi 14:02 and i do my best to ensure that will never ever happen again...
use soft
or stash before
or in general stash
and drop it if everythings ok
if you reset --soft your changes remain
but as changes
linearray 14:02 something else I ran across today: how do you undo a git reset --soft?
reichi 14:02 depends
i'm no git expert
but i would just commit it again
linearray 14:02 immediately commit PREV_HEAD probably works
reichi 14:02 HEAD^
is easier ;)
but uuhm... dunno if it's actually the same thing
linearray 14:02 dont think so
reichi 14:02 no it isn't
sorry for the confusion
linearray 14:02 sorry, I meant ORIG_HEAD
not PREV
reichi 14:02 aaah
ok :)
what do you actually mean with "revert a soft reset"?
if you don't have changes that are only local
youc an simply checkout the latest HEAD
usually you soft reset because you commited stuff locally that wasn't exactly right
if you push that you would have to do a revert
linearray 14:02 ok, if I have it somewhere then I can checkout
but if it's only local
reichi 14:02 just recommit
if it's only local
linearray 14:02 yeah
will do.
reichi 14:02 i actually just started using git a short time ago
but i've messed up quite a lot a the beginning
(that's how you learn you to "unmess" your mess
like --force on the wrong branch
linearray 14:02 ouch
reichi 14:02 you can revert that
just need to know the rev ;)
linearray 14:02 one of these days I will read a git book
after many months of stumbling around I even did that for SVN
reichi 14:02 I am lucky enough to have someone in the team that is really pretty good with git
vigasin 16:02 hey all
I need a beginner guid, please advise