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kun 00:02 Someone available for a question?
taxilian 00:02 .ask
though it's worth mentioning that I'm usually not up this late
dougma 00:02 i am. :)
taxilian 00:02 true =] which is actually quite nice; it means that more often people can get help when they come in my off hours
now we just need a third person to cover the 5-6 hours between when you get off and I get on...
dougma 00:02 although i've been away for months. :)
taxilian 00:02 I've noticed you haven't been as active
dougma 00:02 yes... kun you have 15 minutes. :)
kun 00:02 k^^
dougma 00:02 new addition to the family.
taxilian 00:02 cool! =]
kun 00:02 in JavaScript I want to pass a JSAPI object to the function....
taxilian 00:02 congrats
kun 00:02 but I get an error:
unsupported: no toString() function in type function
my function look like this: function getPictures(metaData)
and metaData is the JSAPI object
taxilian 00:02 ...
kun 00:02 but the error metaData=unsupported: no toString() function in type function
taxilian 00:02 maybe you could pastebin some code samples?
why would it care that there is no toString() function?
(and JSAPI objects *do* have a toString function, so...
FireBreathBot 00:02 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
kun 00:02 yes I know, but in JavaScript there is an exception when the custom toString() function has a "bug"
taxilian 00:02 why would there be a bug in such a ridiculously simple toString method? or did you override it?
dougma 00:02 time for me to go, night all.
taxilian 00:02 kun: I need to go as well; I'm really just not following what you're doing and what is happening. if you can put together some code samples and such I can possibly help you when I get up in about 9 hours or so =]
(up and back to work)
kun 00:02 yes I dont know^^ no I dont override it...the weird thing is that sometimes the call of the function works and sometimes not^^
ok no problem
kun 03:02 No one available or?
kun 05:02 Hello?
reichi 05:02 .ask
FireBreathBot 05:02 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
kun 05:02 juhu :)
I get an strange javaScript error when I call a method of my API class
mom I paste some code
reichi 05:02 I'm sorry but i don't have time now
kun 05:02 oh ok
reichi 05:02 and I'm only a User, like you are
taxillian should be back in about 3h
i think
(that's his usual time at least)
kun 05:02 ok thanks
linearray 06:02 and what is the error?
unless it's still about the toString() stuff. That will probably have to wait until taxilian is back
kun 06:02 yes its the tostring() stuff^^
FireBreathBot 07:02 JIRA issue issue created by mastropinguino
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FireBreathBot 08:02 JIRA issue issue commented by mastropinguino "You're right..
kun 09:02 taxilian?
taxilian 09:02 kun: yes, I'm back.
kun 09:02 hey
I got an strange error
wanna see?^^
taxilian 09:02 pastebin it all to me; what you pasted earlier plus the error and where it occurs
also, what platform and browser?
kun 09:02 look here
taxilian 09:02 what version of firefox?
one might also wonder why you need to call the same function 100 times… =]
kun 09:02 7.0.1
hehe its only a real I use recursion and there the function is called more than one time and sometimes I get an error then
do you know whats wrong?
taxilian 09:02 I just posted a response
with some suggestions to try
kun 10:02 ok thank you
Binbo 10:02 i'm facing difficulty to understand how to implement FB class
specifically i would like to implement getElementbyID
taxilian 10:02 Binbo: you want to *use* getElementByID from the dom, or you somehow want to create your own version?
Binbo 10:02 i would like to have control on <video> tag
taxilian 10:02 m_host->getDOMDocument->getElementById("....")
!wiki getDOMDocument
FireBreathBot 10:02 5 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"class FB BrowserHost getDOMDocument":
"class FB ActiveX ActiveXBrowserHost getDOMDocument":
"class FB Npapi NpapiBrowserHost getDOMDocument":
"Plugin Lifecycle":
"Version History":
taxilian 10:02 !find getElementById
FireBreathBot 10:02 Found 2 possible matches. Displaying 2
/^FB::DOM::ElementPtr Document::getElementById(const std::string& elem_id) const$/ (f) found in src/ActiveXCore/AXDOM/Document.cpp:
/^ElementPtr Element::getElementById(const std::string& id) const$/ (f) found in src/ScriptingCore/DOM/Element.cpp:
Binbo 10:02 i stuck after that
if i want to implement ?
taxilian 10:02 !wiki JSObject
FireBreathBot 10:02 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"class FB JSObject ~JSObject":
"class FB JSObject JSObject":
"class FB JSObject":
"class FB JSObject SetPropertyAsync":
"class FB JSObject GetObjectValues":
"class FB JSObject GetArrayValues":
"class FB JSObject getJSAPI":
"class FB JSObject InvokeAsync":
taxilian 10:02 I would probably use ->InvokeAsync("play", FB::variant_list_of())
!wiki methods on the dom
FireBreathBot 10:02 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"Invoking methods on the DOM":
"Performance Considerations":
"Version History":
"Interacting with Javascript":
"FireBreath 1.4 Release Candidate 2!":
"Boost survey results":
"Web Browser Plugins in the Age of Web Applications.pdf":
taxilian 10:02 looks like there are examples for that too =]
Binbo 10:02 thanks ^^ !
i'll have a look now
taxilian 10:02 look around on the wiki when you get stuck, particularly if nobody is here; most things you'll need are there
also feel free to clarify things if it's hard to find something
the wiki can be edited by anyone
Binbo 10:02 i found its hard to find examples of the usage of the class
or i'm too noob in finding it
taxilian 10:02 try just browsing the docs; this was in Using Firebreath -> Interacting with Javascript -> invoking methods on the dom
Binbo 10:02 thx for keep responding to all my questions =)
its hard to roll back to my little c++ knowledge after a long time using OOD language
taxilian 10:02 I know how that goes
Binbo 12:02 problem to create reference JSObjectPtr for me to invoke the play method
taxilian 12:02 that's not very helpful information as far as helping you find a solution
taxilian 12:02 Binbo: when asking for help, please provide enough information that we might presumably be able ot hlep you find a solution. "I have a problem" doesn't tell me much
Binbo 12:02 wait let me put more effort in trying =p
how to let JSObjectPtr to refer to video tag?
1st i created FB::DOM::ElementPtr elm = m_host ->getDOMElement();
is it correct?
taxilian 12:02 that will get you a reference to your object tag
I thought you were going to use getElementById?
wasn't that the whole point of our earlier conversation?
Binbo 12:02 yes
and i a little bit confused
in order to use invoke i have to create reference for JSObjectPtr rite?
i'm suffering from misconception I think =.=
taxilian 13:02 that returns a DOM::Element, right?
!wiki DOM Element
FireBreathBot 13:02 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"class FB DOM Element element":
"class FB DOM Element":
"class FB DOM Element create":
"class FB DOM Element getWidth":
"class FB DOM Element getElementById":
"class FB DOM Element getParentNode":
"class FB DOM Element getHeight":
"class FB DOM Element getElement":
taxilian 13:02 a DOM::Element extends DOM::Node
which has a callMethod function on it
so you could either just use that or you could get the underlying JSObjectPtr by calling getJSObject
(all of this information is from the wiki pages for FB DOM Element and FB DOM Node)
Binbo 13:02 JSObjectPtr obj = elm -> callMethod(..)?
taxilian 13:02 where you expect obj to be what?
Binbo 13:02 meaning?
taxilian 13:02 what are you expecting to get back from elm->callMethod() that you're storing in obj/
I'm trying to understand what you aren't understanding that this doesn't make sense to you
if you want a JSObjectPtr of the video tag you'd do elm->getJSObject()
if you just want to call play on the video tag which is in elm as a Element, then you could just do elm->callMethod("play", FB::variant_list_of(arg1)(arg2)(arg3))
and with that I need to go get some lunch. I'll be back in a bit
Binbo 14:02 finally I understand your explanation on JSObject
taxilian 14:02 oh, good =]
Binbo 14:02 and successfully implement it
taxilian 14:02 yw