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eKyNoX` 04:02 hello
eKyNoX 05:02 I start trying understand how firebreath works. I make a small "hello world" c++ code, what's the first thing I have to do to make that code work in a plugin ?
reichi 05:02
generate a new project
build it
run it
if that works
check the source of the project :)
you'll find simple examples in the default-code
eKyNoX 05:02 Ok, i'll start first learn some c++, I tried to read that pages, it looks like difficult for me right now :)
reichi 05:02 you should at least have some programming experience, yes
eKyNoX 05:02 I have some, but in C# and VS2010
reichi 05:02 hello world is by far not enough imo
i also just started with c++
eKyNoX 05:02 ok
so reading a c++ basic book and come back ok ? :)
reichi 05:02 thx to boost it's i little bit easier in firebreath :)
don't read to much
eKyNoX 05:02 ok
reichi 05:02 or, don't forget to exercise
reading a book helps you understand
and may show you ways on how to learn a language
but the actual learning can only happen by really creating stuff
eKyNoX 05:02 I got the knowledge for C#, so maybe learning c++ is not a big deal
Thanks for the help
staying around
I have an important project to do with firebreath after
firstly the network part of a game to make it works in a browser
using UDP
reichi 05:02 if you're doing a game
you deifnitley want to have a look the the plugin-lifecycle stuff
eKyNoX 05:02 I hope I don't have to rewrite that game functions to make it works in a browser
reichi 05:02 dunno
you can basically do "whatever you like"
the plugin will have the same permissions the browser has
which are usually the one's the user has
eKyNoX 05:02 logical
reichi 05:02 iirc
dangerous, too ;)
eKyNoX 05:02 so, normally, I will not have to rewrite it, just point to that functions
so coming back, reading my book, thanks :)
reichi 05:02 you will most probably have to to some stuff to expose stuff to javascript properly
to do
have fun :)
eKyNoX 05:02 Ty
book is :
in french so :)
reichi 05:02 Je ne comprends pas le francais
the only thing i cann actually write in french :p
i cannot even pronounce it
eKyNoX 05:02 hehe :=)
no problem with english for me
I do not have too much problem with it :)
Binbo 06:02 hello
i tried to build the fbtestplugin and basicmediaplayer example
after i built and register it, I test it by opening the fbgen html
the plugin loaded dialog shown but the output was not the same as the test html
for fbtestplugin the test output did not appeared
as well as basicmediaplayer, the UI was nowhere
how to solve it? =(
linearray 10:02 chrome 17 released
this is madness
I have to reboot chrome more often then the machine it runs on
taxilian 10:02 lol
Binbo 10:02 thx richard for answering my question in the forum ^^
taxilian 10:02 yw
Binbo 11:02 For my project, I intend to build a video plugin like vlc plugin so I will have more control on the player. Any suggestion for me to kickstart? *noob*
taxilian 11:02 just be aware that this is not a trivial task
Binbo 11:02 of course ^^
this is for my master's reasearch
and i'm totally new to this >.<
taxilian 11:02 how well do you know C++?
Binbo 11:02 I'm not practising it for long time
taxilian 11:02 that'll be your biggest hurdle, then; you need a good solid understanding of C++
linearray 11:02 so let's say you write a video plugin
preferably with libVLC
wouldn't that be a lot like the vlc plugin?
reichi 11:02 which by the way just got usably again witht he 2.0 rc
it was broken for about 2 years
linearray 11:02 however, if you made a VLC plugin with firebreath and released its source code, you would make a lot of people happy
Binbo 11:02 =D
well i'm new to plugin ^^
taxilian 11:02 this is very true
linearray 11:02 on some days it feels like >50% of the people in here want a FB video plugin
myself included :)
reichi 11:02 mmmh
you just created some idea in my mind
linearray 11:02 make VLC a firebreath library? :)
reichi 11:02 well
but writing a firebreath plugin with a statically linked vlc
or libvlc
would give the opportunity to directly deliver it with whatever you need it for
Binbo 11:02 what i'm trying to achieve is watching live streaming video in the browser while behind the scene taking some information
linearray 11:02 keep in mind that libVLC is LGPL
reichi 11:02 yeah
but so is firebreath
linearray 11:02 FB is also BSD
reichi 11:02 i know
because what i am actually developing uses the bsd-based firebreath
linearray 11:02 I don't get it
reichi 11:02 it uses the bsd license
linearray 11:02 if you statically link a LGPL library you forgo the advantage of LGPL
and you have to LGPL the rest of the source code as well
reichi 11:02 yes
i know
linearray 11:02 ok :)
reichi 11:02 but you don't need vlc to be present
on whatever system you are
Binbo 11:02 is it possible to have control of external player from within FB plugin?
reichi 11:02 if the players allows for it
Binbo 11:02 libvlc?
reichi 11:02 no
you could (for example) talk to the http-interface of vlc
or connect to a unix-socket
use dbus
Binbo 11:02 hurm still searching for best possible solution =(
linearray 11:02 out of curiosity: did anyone ever look at nixysa?
reichi 11:02 well, i just googled what it is ;)
linearray 11:02 it seems to be rather limited
but maybe they had some good ideas
also, it appears to be fairly dead
reichi 11:02 i'd say so, too
the last changed happend about a year ago
linearray 11:02 peace of mind: project settings: Inhibit All Warnings = Yes
taxilian 12:02 linearray: nixysa has actually been around longer than FireBreath has
but it's NPAPI only
not a bad idea, I think
but not nearly enough for my needs
linearray 13:02 hehe I still think the boost::filesystem guy on the forums could have made it work, if he had edited the correct config file
taxilian 13:02 could be
linearray 13:02 const return types in JSAPI methods are not different from non-const ones, am i right?
taxilian 13:02 I think that is correct; I don't think it actually makes any sense to make the return type const
though you could make the method itself const if you wanted
eKyNoX 14:02 back
taxilian 14:02 I'll be gone for about an hour or so