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eKyNoX 03:02 Hi
ch 08:02 any ideas why PluginWindowMacCA's MyCALayer would be dealloc()ed after the first drawInCGLContext happened?
taxilian 11:02 ch: what browser?
ch 11:02 Chrome
taxilian: ^
dev channel and canary
taxilian 11:02 does it happen in the basicmediaplayer example?
my first guess would be that you're releasing it somewhere you shouldn't
ch 11:02 I only release in the holders destructor, so that shouldn't happen
I'll try with the BMP example tomorrow
ah, the window itself
tom__ 11:02 Hi
I have not been able to get my firebreath plugin behave in chrome
I keep getting an error TypeError object has no method. Does anybody know what that is?
I get the same error when I load the test page when I call echo
Yes I have the proper entries in my chrome maniest and I have changed the object to embed
ch 12:02 32bit/64bit issue?
if this is on mac :)
tom__ 12:02 windows
32 bit
looks like it loads the plugin
but doesn't see any of the methods
tried the test page and I get the same results