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David 06:12 When trying to build in xcode, I get the following error message:
(null): error: /Users/a558795/Code/FireBreath/build/projects/DavidPlubin/bundle/English.lproj/Localized.rsrc: No such file or directory
Does anyone know how I can get past this?
jshanab 07:12 I build in Xcode and have not seen that error, but do have the file. Did the prep command show any errors or warnings? Have you tried deleting the build directory, re-preping and building again?
taxilian 09:12 David: do you have the localized.r file in your Mac/bundle_template dir in your plugin project?
David 12:12 jshanab, I deleted the build directory and re-preped it again. when running, I get this error:
Creating Mac Browser Plugin project DavidPlugIn failed to find CoreServices/CoreServices.r /Users/a558795/Code/FireBreath/build/projects/DavidPlugIn/bundle/English.lproj/Localized.r:1: ### /Applications/ - SysError 2 during open of "CoreServices/CoreServices.r".
It looks like I don't have the CoreServices/CoreServices.r on my root FireBreath folder. Where do I get this from? I downloaded the FireBreath 1.7 from the site
taxilian 15:12 David: are you still around?