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mkoch 07:02 hi!
how can I make a "fullscreen" button on my plugin on Mac with CG?
i mean I don't need an actual button, I'm interested in the way how to make a pluginwindow fullscreen
kun 09:02 someone there for help?
FireBreathBot 09:02 kun: 01 Feb 17:17Z <taxilian> tell kun when a VariantList hits javascript it's converted to an array; just a regular, ordinary array.
kun 09:02 I just wanna know which method is called when the browser will be closed or the plugin will be reloaded???
reichi 09:02
kun: have a look at that
kun 09:02 thanks I will have a look ;)
reichi 09:02 in general you should at least read the "Using FireBreath" section
kun 09:02 I did..but not the section with the lifecycle^^
taxilian 10:02 mkoch: to do fullscreen with your plugin you'll have to create a new window and draw to that
ch 12:02 there's some experimental javascript fullscreen api as well
nirvdrum 13:02 Out of curiosity, do any of you do Mac plugin contract work?
taxilian 13:02 I have in the past, but I'm swamped right now
what do you have going on?
nirvdrum 13:02 I need to port something I wrote in NPAPI on Windows, but it's currently pretty tied to the Win32 API.
I don't know Cocoa well enough to know what's involved.
taxilian 13:02 wrote in NPAPI? not FireBreath?
nirvdrum 13:02 Sorry, in Firebreath.
But it's not targeted at IE.
taxilian 13:02 oh, good. my feelings are no longer hurt ;-)
nirvdrum 13:02 That was really what I meant.
taxilian 13:02 I could probably help you figure out the path to take, but I don't have a lot of time
nirvdrum 13:02 But basically I need to be able to capture the entire rendered canvas of a page.
I came up with this crazy approach for Windows:
taxilian 13:02 I didn't realize you didn't have mogotest working on mac yet
nirvdrum 13:02 I was putting it off. Mac doesn't run on EC2.
taxilian 13:02 ahh
nirvdrum 13:02 If I could get Safari on Windows going, I could probably stave it off even longer.
But that's been a nightmare.
taxilian 13:02 Hmm. I have a strong suspicion that it's not going to be terribly simple on Mac either
first of all, it's not going to be easy to figure out which page you're on
nirvdrum 13:02 The issue on Windows is Selenium can't drive Safari.
taxilian 13:02 on Mac you don't have any direct link between your plugin and the drawing context of your page
nirvdrum 13:02 Some security restriction. On Mac you don't have it, apparently.
taxilian 13:02 it's not like windows where you can just go up the chain from child to parent
nirvdrum 13:02 taxilian: Even if It can guarantee it'll only ever be a single tab?
taxilian 13:02 yep
nirvdrum 13:02 Sucky.
taxilian 13:02 what you probably can do is enumerate running apps and find the window for Safari
then you can try to decend through the heirerchy
so it might be doable, but it's going to be a bit tricky
nirvdrum 13:02 It's been a while since I looked, but I thought NPAPI had a way of fetching a drawing context.
taxilian 13:02 and in point of fact being in a plugin won't actually buy you anything; it might be easier to do it from an external applciation
sure it does
nirvdrum 13:02 Just ignored?
taxilian 13:02 that drawing context just has nothing to do with the actual context of the page
you draw to a CGContext which is just an in-memory buffer
which gets rendered to the real contenxt
nirvdrum 13:02 The point of it being a plugin is I drive the browser with Selenium first, then I inject some JS to load the plugin and capture.
It's a lot easier to do it basically in process (even if the plugin container actually runs out of process).
taxilian 13:02 if you are willing to restrict it to 32 bit versions of safari there are some hacks you can do that might give you that, but I wouldn't expect it to last many more versions of mac os
nirvdrum 13:02 Cute.
taxilian 13:02 anyway, it's going to be a "fun" project, I suspect
but I'm sure you'll figure something out
nirvdrum 13:02 Thanks for the encouragement :-P
taxilian 13:02 hehe
no problem :-P
always happy to help a friend
this might be interesting reading; it captures a full screen:
what you want to do might be similar in principle
nirvdrum 13:02 Awesome. Thanks.
eKyNoX 14:02 Hello
I search the way to port an existing game coded in C++ and using DirectX into a web browser, a little like Unity Engine Web Plugin. Is it something possible with FireBreath please ?
taxilian 14:02 it's possible
and has been done before
may or may not be easy
depends on how well your game is written; if it is like most games, it'll be a pain
eKyNoX 14:02 old game but famous :)
1998 / 1999
1998 / 1999
taxilian 14:02 the main things that make it difficult for most games: 1) you dont' own the process, so you can't rely on things like the cwd being valid
2) your process in IE may be in low integrity mode, so you can't write to most places on the hard drive, only "safe" parts of the user's profile
3) your process may have several instances of your plugin running at the same time
4) your process is not shut down between instances, so if you aren't cleaning up your globals you may be a heap of trouble
those things apply to all plugins, of course, but game code is notoriously bad at things like that
eKyNoX 14:02 2, 3 and 4, that's ok :)
1, what's cwd ?
taxilian 14:02 current working directory
eKyNoX 14:02 ok
opengl also ? I figure FireBreath works like a tunnel between OS and browsers
I have to read anyway :)
taxilian 14:02 firebreath is just a framework to let you tie into the APIs that the browsers expose
it simplifies a lot
but on windows you can get the raw HWND of your plugin
if you need your own winproc you can create a child window of that window
eKyNoX 14:02 raw HWND ?
taxilian 14:02 as opposed to mac where you can't actually get the window, you just get a context to draw to
eKyNoX 14:02 sounds good, I did not see any other peoples proposing a framework like that
taxilian 14:02 there are two "competitors" to FireBreath; JUCE and qtbrowserplugin
eKyNoX 14:02 So thank u
taxilian 14:02 neither is as extensive as FireBreath, but you're welcome to look at them
and of course you could do it by hand and just write the NPAPI and ActiveX code yourself, but I really don't recommend that =]
eKyNoX 14:02 sure
I'll study the possibilities, and on my way, to learn c++ syntax. My main language is C# (did not choosen my professor)
taxilian 14:02 your biggest challenge will be picking up C++, then
eKyNoX 14:02 =)
I like challenges :P
Thanks for all this informations
taxilian 14:02 good luck
eKyNoX 14:02 Ty
Another (missed) question, what about the network ? The game I would like to port is an existing MMO. Does the framework got some network functions ? Or way to use the existing ones ?
taxilian 14:02 it's just C++; you can access system APIs or use whatever network stack you want
there are some tools for making HTTP requests through the browser
and boost is used heavily so you can use boost::asio if you'd like
eKyNoX 14:02 Ok, game using a lot of UDP
Thanks again :)
FireBreathBot 15:02 Commit 902bfda on firebreath-1.6 by Richard Bateman: "Fixed bug in JSAPIAuto attributes"
Commit a32b6d2 on firebreath-1.6 by Neil Forrest: "Added firing of MouseScrollEvent on windows.
Commit 58005b2 on firebreath-1.6 by Richard Bateman: "Merge pull request #40 from neilforrest/master
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Commit 007361a on master by Richard Bateman: "FIREBREATH-156: fixed 10.4 mac os SDK build bugs"
jshanab 19:02 I want to add Mac to my plugin and am looking at the BasicMediaPlayer and the auto generated np_macmain.cpp. BasicMediaPlayer does not have this file, do i need it, is it for NPAPI only and BasicMediaPlayer doesn't do mozilla?
taxilian 22:02 jshanab: np_macmain.cpp no longer needs to be in your project
FireBreathBot: tell jshanab np_macmain.cpp no longer needs to be in your project