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kun 00:02 hey guys...I have a Variant list that contains FB::JSAPIPtr and now I wanna access these objects in the javascript context...How do I do this?
needHelp 03:02 can someone help me?
needHelp_ 03:02 someone available?
prem 06:02 ok, i decided against using mfc.. too ugly for my liking..
ch 08:02 i'd guess distributing mfc with the plugin won't be too nice as well :)
taxilian 10:02 FireBreathBot: tell kun when a VariantList hits javascript it's converted to an array; just a regular, ordinary array.
FireBreathBot 10:02 taxilian: I'll pass that on when kun is around.
prem 11:02 hai
@taxilian: i added height and width parameters to the resized event in window..
would it be ok if i sent a pull request?
taxilian 11:02 pull requests are fine
I won't promise that I'll accept it until after I've looked at it, though =]
however, is there a reason not to just query the pluginwindow for the width and height when the event fires?
prem 11:02 oh, ya.. i guess i overlooked that.. i guess i might be spoilt from getting all the data in the event itself.. lol..
was working in android before this.. and all required data was given in the evnt itself.. stupid me..
oh, there is a prob that the plugin won't retain focus in chrome and opera.. in windows..
it will get all the mouse button events no prob, but the mouse scroll event never gets fired..
taxilian 11:02 I don't necessarily have a problem with putting it on the event as well; however, to do that we'd need to modify all of the different pluginwindows and it seems like a bit more work. Also it's an extra API call that would always be made on resize when we may not actually care about the specifics
prem 11:02 ya, u are right.. i'll just change my implementation here..
about the focus, when i put the setfocus(m_hWnd) in the WM_LBUTTONDOWN event, the focus is retained
taxilian 11:02 so there was a jira issue awhile back dealing with setfocus where a recommendation was made to put it in mouseactivate
I think that's why it was put there
trying tor emember the reasoning
prem 11:02 ya, i saw the post
it was an effort to consider all the mouse down events
left, right or middle
taxilian 11:02 right; FIREBREATH-69
FireBreathBot 11:02 FIREBREATH-69: Summary: Incorrect windows focus management for Window's platforms
FIREBREATH-69: Assigned To: richard
FIREBREATH-69: Priority: Major, Status: Closed,
prem 11:02 oh and i tried calling setfocus from mbuttondown and rbuttondown
but i lose focus as soon as the button is released
i'm using firebreath 1.6 stable version...
taxilian 11:02 interesting
well, I haven't had any reason to play much with the mouse stuff, so if it needs to be changed back file a jira ticket with the details
prem 11:02 ya, sure.. i'll just do a bit more digging around... i would like to know as to why this happens..
taxilian 11:02 thanks
rcohn 13:02 Hi - it's been a while since I've logged in. First, I want to thank you guys for the great FB work. But I do have a question. It seems that event callbacks (to javascript) are not being called on Safari (and possibly Opera) - they work great on IE, Firefox and Chrome. Further, it appears that at least for Safari this is fixed on FB 1.6 (for Windows). Is that true? Thanks.
taxilian 13:02 yes, Safari removed support for a NPAPI call that we were relying on without notice and we had to add a workaround
the 1.6 release branch should have that fixed
of course, any time you have a problem it's a good idea to update to the latest firebreath release; I don't support old releases. I don't get paid enough to do so ;-)
rcohn 13:02 Thanks very much. Please keep up the good work and evolving as you go.
cornel__ 14:02 hello
I need to recive a string as an argument inside a firebreath function... but if I use it like const char * arg
and if I put it of type string it says that "string" is undefined...
reichi 14:02 std::string
taxilian 14:02 even better, const std::string&
cornel__: highly recommend reading the "Getting Started" page on the wiki
and in particular read through the "Interacting with Javascript" pages
cornel__ 14:02 ok, I understand.... thank you
I have read the gatting started... but this is more like an visual c++ question...
taxilian 14:02 cornel__ the specific case you ask about is explained on the Interacting with Javascript pages
which is one of hte pages referenced on the getting started page
as to the "string" is undefined thing, that's not a visual C++ quesiton, it's just a c++ question =]
the namespace std is often imported as a matter of course in many c++ apps, but FireBreath does not do that
though you can yourself
reichi 14:02 (imported std)
cornel__ 14:02 I understand...
taxilian 14:02 which is why FireBreath doesn't import it for you =]
another good trick is you can just do "using std::string;" and it'll import just string
hehe. I'm fine with autotools… they just don't do what I'd need to use them for FireBreath
so I dont' use them
reichi 14:02 that's true
they work fine for me now :)
and it still builds properly with the real firebreath
which i think is a good compromise
taxilian 14:02 what did you end up doing?
reichi 14:02 well basically, the decision was "making it toolchain compatible" or keep cmake
and we decided we'd like to have it working nicely with our toolchain
cornel__ 14:02 one more quick question... can I unload the plugin dll from the memory without close the browser ( I closed that tab but I still can't compile the plugin because the dll is in use... )
reichi 14:02 so basicall it's a copy of FBs src directory, extended with my specific project and a set of makefiles/ et cetera
taxilian 14:02 cornel__: no you sure can't
though Chrome seems to unload the plugin faster than most other browsers, if that helps
cornel__ 14:02 ok, thank you.. brb :)
reichi 14:02 taxilian: the real drawback is, that i have to get rid of the x11 dependencies
that will be quite some fun ;)
taxilian 14:02 reichi: I think you're crazy, but let me know how it works out
reichi 14:02 crazy is just what i like!
i think firebreath is just of so much value that it's worth the effort
taxilian 14:02 well thanks :-P
if you find any specific things I could do in FireBreath 2.0 to make it easier to work with autotools I'll be interested in hearing about them when you're done
reichi 14:02 it was pretty straight forward, tbh
taxilian 14:02 ot
it's the code generation and such that is the trickiest
reichi 14:02 nope
i let firebreath do that
and copy it over ;)
taxilian 14:02 but I could maybe require CMake and just have the option of using cmake to generate that stuff into an arbitrary dir that you can then use with anything
reichi 14:02 that's basically what i made of it
i copied global/config.h
and well... that little helper-programm that told me about the missing symbols in the resulting was also helpful
(good i've got colleagues that actually know what they're doing)
taxilian 14:02 hehe
prem_ 22:02 i would like some pointers as to how to create a right click context menu in firebreath.. can someone please help me?