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ch 02:01 taxilian_away: the FBLOG_INFO() call in NP_Initialize causes log4cplus to complain, because InitLogging hasn't been run at this point.
JG 03:01 I have a Firebreath problem, I wonder if anyone can help. I have some code which is working fine under Chrome, but not IE9. I have to insert my plugin with Javascript, and when I do this->m_host->getDOMWindow() always returns NULL.
So I have some test code like this:
<title>test page for object fbcontrol</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
function load()
function insertObject()
obj = document.createElement("object");
obj.setAttribute("id", "My_Object"); = "300px"; = "300px";
obj.type = "application/x-myplugin";
<body onload="load()">
And in my plugin code, at the start of onPluginReady(), I read this->m_host->getDOMWindow() and it is NULL. So I can't do very much after that.
It goes wrong on IE but not Chrome.
I have tried going in to the depths of the Firebreath code, but I'm not 100% certain what it is meant to be doing. It looks like ActiveXBrowserHost::resume() is not being called perhaps?
Any thoughts or help gratefully received.
JG 04:01 *****
I may have just answered my own question. I remember reading a few weeks ago that it helps if you set obj.type after the element has been added to the DOM. It is much better now.
Yep, all working now.
Jake__ 09:01 hello guys.. i'm back again with the same question... how can I can I access through JavaScript the path where the dll is? i've already done the tips and tricks.. but when I called the function.. nothing happened
reichi 09:01 there is a helper for getting the plugin path
Jake__ 09:01 where can it be found?
please help me with this.... in a slow and detailed manner if you can...
oooopsss... nevermind.... it's already working.... :D
taxilian 10:01 g'monring ya'll
ch: could you file a jira issue re: log4cplus complaining from np_initialize?
ch 10:01 taxilian: ok, will do
taxilian 10:01 ch: Russell says hi, btw
muzie 18:01 hi all :)
notessensei 20:01 I have a standalone exe program written in C++ - about 2 pages of source. I need to convert that into a plug-in. Will be open source. I'm willing to donate (my pocket money) -- any takers?
Can't do it myself since my C++ is worse than my Chinese
code is here: