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mkoch 04:01 hi
how can I find out the size of a plugin's window (Mac/CG) with getDrawingPrimitive() or getWindowRef()
ch 04:01 are getWindowHeight/getWindowWidth of no use?
mkoch 04:01 ch: that's what I was looking for, thanks!
mkoch 06:01 if I'm running multiple plugin intances in the same time on the same page, is there any unique id osld to differentiate between them?
and if multiple plugins run in different browser windows/tabs, will they still use the same memory fro the global variables like the ones running on the same page?
ch 08:01 mkoch: usually your browser runs your plugin process only once, so global state is shared
taxilian 09:01 mkoch: as ch said, as long as it is the same browser just different tabs or windows you'll have the same process and memory