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didu 06:12 hello, did someone use log4cplus?
I try to use it but he dont want to create the log file like the example and I dont know where to find it
jshanab_ 06:12 I have used it in the past and the log file on windows was in the program files/mozzilla instead of the ProgramData at least once. Another time I found that it was being removed on browser shutdown. I am not near my windows machine, I can check when I get into work.
didu 07:12 I feared about that :( I dont want that the log file are on the program files/mozzilla folder :(
magicken 08:12 i try this project for 10 days and I love it!
I tried to use with wxwidgets and libvlc for build a player (i tried fbvlc project but is unstable)
see you soon and have happy holiday!
kylehuff 08:12 magicken: this project is superb; I believe it saves people hundreds of hours. taxilian is the mastermind behind the project, and works very hard on this (nearly exclusively). anything you can do to assist the project is greatly appreciated - be it patches, enhancements, bug fixes or monetary support. I encourage you to contribute if at all possible.
magicken 08:12 I have two choices:
write a windowless plugin and render the video with libvlc callback
or write a windowed plugin and render the video directly into hwnd with libvlc sethwnd method
and use wxwidgets for a future gui
with first choice I will let to the html page the construction of the gui
unfortunately I don't know a gui framework that works without HWND. If I'm wrong please suggest me howto!
didu 08:12 can we know the path of the dll during the execution ?
kylehuff 08:12 didu: yes, I will dig out the reference
didu: FB::variant path = getPlugin()->getPluginPath();
didu 09:12 Oh thanks you a lot !
Hum I need the path on the Factory class for the logger so I don't have getPlugin()
kylehuff 09:12 didu:
didu 09:12 I cant use it from the Factory :(, the Factory create the plugin no?
kylehuff 09:12 I would imagine you can use it anywhere that 'm_filesystemPath' is valid
didu 09:12 I try to compile on the Factory but that don't work :(
kylehuff 09:12 didu: is it after the call to createPlugin(const std::string& mimetype)?
or rather, are you trying to find out the file path after the call to createPlugin, is what I meant to ask.
didu_: are you trying to find out the file path after the call to createPlugin in your Factory.cpp?
didu_ 09:12 I try to get the path on the fonction "getLoggingMethods" of the logger =>
kylehuff 09:12 didu_: I don't know if your plugin class is available yet (createPlugin called already), if it is, you just need to add something ala: "std::string getPluginPath() { return m_filesystemPath; }" to yourPlugin.h, and then in your getLogginMethods, add "std::string path = yourPlugin::getPluginPath();"
does that make sense?
didu_ 09:12 Yes I see but I don't know too I have to try but that dangerous :P
kylehuff 09:12 I have no idea what you just said... =c )
yeah, I just tried, and I don't think the plugin is created yet
didu_ 09:12 Sorry xD, I will try what you said :))
OK I will look for something else so :)
Ok It is cool I have found a way :) I use the path that a have on the register windows ! Thank you again for your help !
kylehuff 10:12 how do you mean?
didu_ 10:12 My plugin is working with a software (they are on the same folder) and the software have some information like the path or version in the windows registery, So I can get this information on the plugin everywhere I want
kylehuff 10:12 ah, gothca
jshanab 11:12 /join android
taxilian 11:12 I don't want to