IRC Log Viewer » #firebreath » 2012-01-24

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TimBetson 03:01 how can i statically link (*.a files) to firebreath?
reichi 03:01 use the target_link_libraries command
TimBetson 03:01 should i still use firebreath if i want to create plugins for firefox and safari (newest versions) for mac? I will still really gain lots of time with firebreath, right?
reichi 04:01 yes
you don't want to write native NPAPI code
FireBreath is soooo much nicer to handle :)
TimBetson 04:01 i am so afraid of the make rules
ch 05:01 taxilian: you aren't possibly related to Russell?
taxilian 09:01 ch: Russell Bateman is my uncle
ch 09:01 nice
taxilian 10:01 ch: how do you know (or know of) Russel?