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progrommor 07:01 hello, is it possible to access cross-domain iframes with firebreath?
cornel_ 12:01 hello all
taxilian 12:01 hello
cornel_ 12:01 i have a problem, if some on can help me...
taxilian 12:01 I'm not here for long, so make it quick =]
cornel_ 12:01 I changed the firebreath dir
and when i open the solution in VC2010 it does't compile
taxilian 12:01 meaning you moved the firebreath dir?
delete your build dir and rerun the prep scripts
cornel_ 12:01 the plugin that i worked on it will still be avalabile ?
taxilian 12:01 the plugin source is in the projects/<your plugin> dir, assuming you haven't moved it from running fbgen
the build/ dir is disposable
if you've changed any of the solution settings without using cmake, you'll lose those
cornel_ 12:01 please excuse my mistakes, I am trying to type fast...
taxilian 12:01 but if you read the instructions on the site you'd know that you shouldn't have done that anyway
cornel_ 12:01 i understand...
perp command worked, now I am trying to open the solution in vc++
i have another problem...
when i try to save mypluginAPI.h i get an error message: cannot save, the file is used by another process...
can you give me an advice with this problem...
please :D
taxilian 12:01 wait for intellisense to finish, then you'll be able to save
it's just an annoying thing that vs does sometimes
cornel_ 12:01 oh, i understand...
thank you very much for help...
taxilian 12:01 good luck
cornel_ 12:01 BTW, firebreath is cool :)
taxilian 12:01 why thanks =]
cornel_ 12:01 can you stay 5 more minutes :)
taxilian 12:01 you know, if you spent as much time asking your question as you do asking for permission to ask a question, you would already be done
cornel_ 12:01 you are right :)
taxilian 12:01 generally best to just ask; if you wait long enough someone will try to help you. we're not always here, particularly on weekends; I am almost never online on sundays, but I will be online tomorrow
cornel_ 12:01 i use firebreath to make a simple npapi plugin to run an command ( to open an program )
it only needs to work on win 7 and xp
can you tell me the c++ function to execute a shell command
if it is complicate to explain, can you tell me where to begin my search...
can you tell me an hour that I can find you tomorrow ?
taxilian 13:01 I'll be online most of the day tomorrow; I am GMT-0700
but for that it's just a system API call; you'll probably want CreateProcessEx
keep in mind that you'll be in low integrity mode in IE on win vista and later, so that may limit what the process can do
(at least if uac is on)
cornel_ 13:01 i understand...
taxilian 13:01 I need to go now. Good luck
cornel_ 13:01 thank you very much again...
i will try to enter again tomorrow
Good Bye
dpemmons 13:01 is there any danger in building a plugin on windows 32 bit using the dynamically linked runtime (/MD) ?
kalev 13:01 dpemmons: most people try to avoid that because they don't want to build a complex installer that also takes care of installing the runtime files
dpemmons 13:01 don't they typically ship with windows?
kalev 13:01 unfortunately no; can't rely on that.
each new Visual Studio version comes with a new set of runtime DLL files and all these have to be distributed by you if you use /MD
dpemmons 13:01 that's annoying.. I'm linking with Qt which ships with /MD binaries. guess I'll have to build Qt myself then
kalev 13:01 ah, if you are using something as large as Qt and are already building an installer that includes all that, adding the MSVC runtime files shouldn't be that hard
dpemmons 13:01 how big are the MSVC libs?