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gabriel9 08:10 good day
i have issues with firebreath on linux
i have this problem:
but when i add fix to it from here
stil i can't create plugin
gabriel9 08:10 and i finished survey :/
eyalfishler 14:10 need help with adding mm files
that would connect with the API file...
taxilian 15:10 eyalfishler what specifically are you having trouble with?
eyalfishler 18:10 @taxilian im not clear of how to connect functions from the API.c/h to the ones in the mm
i looked at the media player example and it is very unclear
is there some other example?
so for example i have class testAPI : public FB::JSAPIAuto
where i define the functions which communicate with the JS running in the browser
how do i connect this to the .mm files?
eyalfishler 18:10 or to ask it simply, how to i call from testAPI.c to a function under the mm file?