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Jake__ 02:01 hey guys... need help here.... it's about the getting the path of where the plugin is
i've already put the std::string MyPlugin::getFilesystemPath() in my plugin class that extends the plugincore.... but i don't know how to access it
Jake__ 02:01 when i tried to call the string function in firebug it said undefined...
it said that the getFilesystemPath() is undefined
i don't understand
Jake__ 02:01 how can I access this in JavaScript?
Jake__ 05:01 hey guys... it's me again... hate to be annoying here but can someone please help me with the getsystempath thing???
linearray 05:01 calls from javascript go to your API class
so you have to make a method in your API class that calls something else
in that case, a method in your plugin class
there's a pointer to your plugin object in m_plugin in the API object
Jake__ 06:01 alright... i'll try that