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Jake__ 02:01 hi guys... it's me again.... i've written a function that writes files... how can i indicate that the file written should be in the same directory as the dll... not that the dll can be place anywhere.... thanks guys
linearray 02:01
Jake__ 03:01 where should i put this code?
reichi 03:01 // From inside your Plugin class (that extends PluginCore)
agd 05:01 hi all
i have a question about plugin development in general rather than firebreath specific :)
i'm encountering an issue where certain keys are still getting through to the browser in ie - e.g. backspace which causes the browser to goto the previous page - obviously not what I want
i don't know if anyone else has encountered this problem but if they have, or have any thoughts why this is occuring please let me know
i can be more specific if required :)
reichi 05:01 you can prevent the default
there's a standard method on DOM Level 2 Events called "preventDefault()"
the problem is that quiet some browsers do not support that properly...
that's why all popular javascript-frameworks have their own methods for that
(that actually know about all the browser-specific issues and work around them)
agd 05:01 hmm, so I could use a bit of js code outside of the plugin on the page the plugin is running in...
it seems like there should be a proper solution though as other plugins do not have this problem e.g. flash
reichi 05:01 you can evaluate js-code within a plugin
but it is well possible that firebreath offers a nice api to that
haven't had the need to have a look for/at that ;)
agd 05:01 ok
taxilian 10:01 80d3490d
FireBreathBot 10:01 80d3490 by Richard Bateman: Better support for carbon->cocoa events, support for showdra
JIRA issue issue comment edited by richard "Here's the code I came up with. I'm not great with CMake code, as you can see- don't have time t..."
dragontail 14:01 Two question .. 1) How do I add new class to my plugin project .. I know it has to be done using cmake ... but I did not find any pointer.
2) A good CMake tutorial .... startig from 101 .. the ones I find are not helpful .. and dont cover the absolute basics. ....
linearray 14:01 if you put it in the same directory as the rest of the files and give it the extension cpp/h, then it should be added automatically
(the next time you run a prep script)
ad 2), if you find one, tell me :)
dragontail 14:01 so after putting the file in the source code dir .. I have to re-run prep ... the trouble is that prep rewrutes FBcontol.htm .. which I need to modify to debug ..
linearray 14:01 what? no
it does not overwrite FBControl
make sure you understand the difference between prep scripts and fbgen
fbgen creates a completely new project, with a new FBControl.htm
prep scripts only create/update the build/ directory
taxilian 14:01 actually
dragontail 14:01 ah .. thansk I am trying that now
taxilian 14:01 it does overwrite FBControl.htm
because that is generated from the templates directory
dragontail 14:01 I copied FBControl out of gen ..
taxilian 14:01 you shouldn't modify files in the build/ directory and expect them to stick around
if you copy it out of gen_templates into your plugin directory then you can modify it there and it wont' be overwritten
dragontail 14:01 so I will never need it from there anymore
yes - thats what I just did .. now I will try prep
linearray 14:01 ha, it seems I did the same thing and can't even remember anymore
sorry for spreading misinformation then!
btw, the world is flat
dragontail 14:01 I love your outlook to world .. I believe its a cube.
@taxilian .. I would like if you update the getting started guide with installation of cmake as well .. in your guide cmake is pre-installed ... which cause me qute a while to get around that .
taxilian 14:01 dragontail: feel free to update the docs
it's a wiki
that is something that anyone in this room could do, including you; I have limited time to spend on the project, so I try to spend it doing things that require more advanced understanding of hte framework that really need me to do them
dragontail 14:01 I was talking about the video .. but you are right .. I will do that .