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reichi 04:01 oh man... cmake makes me go crazy :(
naf 09:01 is anyone around?
FireBreathBot 09:01 naf: 11 Jan 16:55Z <taxilian> tell naf I've never done drag and drop, but why are you registering the browser window for it? you should be registering your own plugin's window
taxilian 10:01 g'morning
andy__ 10:01 hello. how to get content of my MIME object?
taxilian 10:01 I don't understand the question
andy__ 10:01 i've got an object on page with some MIME type. so, i wanna make my own plugin for this MIME type. i've made simple plugin as it shown in video and it works, but now i need the content of my object on html page
taxilian 10:01 do you understand what an object tag is?
and how it works?
andy__ 10:01 basicly
taxilian 10:01 because generally speaking there should not be any content in an object tag
andy__ 10:01 yes. it can be filled from server
src attribute
taxilian 10:01 andy__: that would be an attribute, that's not the content of the object tag
andy__ 10:01 and the plugin is supposed to get content from server itself?
reichi 10:01 <object someAttribute="xyz">content</object>
that's how xml works :)
andy__ 10:01 like this <object someAttribute="xyz">content</object> or like this - <object data="/some_script.php"></object>
i need the content in both cases :)
reichi 10:01 than you're missusing the object tag
andy__ 10:01 not me
but i've got a page similar to <object data="/some_script.php"></object>
reichi 10:01 again
andy__ 10:01 and i need the content
reichi 10:01 that's not the content
of the object tag
you're just mixing up terms
the content of a tag
is what you find where i wrote "content"
andy__ 10:01 ok. so - how can i get the "data" value from my example?
reichi 10:01 that's an attribute
andy__ 10:01 ok
reichi 10:01 and you can only get the value
and have to load the content
via XHR e.g.
andy__ 10:01 ok
it's not a problem
a problem is that i don't know how to get the value of data attribute from my plugin when the page is loaded
i thought that i have to write a couple of code lines in onWindowAttached
taxilian 10:01 (on a phone call, brb)
andy__ 10:01 as i understand npapi it should be something like getting the stream from NPP_DestroyStream.
reichi 10:01 it depends a lot on what your intentions is
i'd say
I'm no FB expert ;)
andy__ 10:01 i just need the content of the object whenever it appears on page. the real content. and if there's no way to get real content, than i need the value of the data attribute
reichi 10:01 content?
you mean the
<object>content</object> content?
there should only pe <param></param> tags in side an object
andy__ 10:01 no. the real one. the one i can get from the server script
reichi 10:01 sorry
but i seriously don't get it
the content of a tag
ist what's "INSIDE" it
andy__ 10:01 not of the tag
reichi 10:01 so <object>{CONTENT]</object>
{CONTENT} ist the content of the object
and if you don't mean that
you're using the wrong term which is very confusing :/
andy__ 10:01 ok. we've got some flash file on server. some swf file. <object data="zzz.swf"></object>
then i need zzz.swf
reichi 10:01 than load it
this is not the content of the object
it's an attribute
the content is defined by the mime-type
and the plugin called based on that mimetype
if it's flash
it will do somehting witht he zzz.swf
andy__ 10:01 object - i mean not the object tag, but the real object on page
reichi 10:01 you want the visual content?
andy__ 10:01 i have to do something with zzz.swf, not flash player - i'm the flash player :)
ch 10:01 the "object" is whatever your plugin renders
if you have to load a file from a remote server, then you must do that
reichi 10:01 use xhr
and load it
oder use a stream and load it
andy__ 10:01 but i need the filename
reichi 10:01 i gues that shouldn't be a problem
but i haven't done that with FB ;)
ch 10:01 PluginCore::setParams looks interesting
andy__ 10:01 PluginCore::getParam ? :)
reichi 10:01 no
you get the params the browser passes in
you should actually find what you're looking for in m_params
taxilian 10:01 okay, I'm back
ch: you don't call setParams
that is called by FireBreath
reichi 10:01 but if fills m_params :)
taxilian 10:01 andy__: you can probably use m_host->getDOMElement()->getProperty("src")
reichi 10:01 not if
taxilian 10:01 there is theoretically some attribute that you can set that will cause the browser to create a stream for you and download the file, but FireBreath doesn't currently support it (nobody has taken the time to figure out how it works and make it work)
ch 10:01 taxilian: yeah, was just saying it was intereting. the docs already say that this will be called..
taxilian 10:01 fair enough. it is interesting, I suppose; that's how you get the data from a <param> tag
Guest36299 10:01 so i need m_params ?
taxilian 11:01 that would be the easiest way; just add a <param name="data">filename</param> and you can get it from m_params
Guest36299 11:01 and is there any way to get the stream from server? or i have to load the data on my own? i've thought that the browser loads the data and passes he stream to the plugin.
taxilian 11:01 there is theoretically some attribute that you can set that will cause the browser to create a stream for you and download the file, but FireBreath doesn't currently support it (nobody has taken the time to figure out how it works and make it work)
Guest36299 11:01 oh. i see. thank you
taxilian 11:01 but you can use browserstreams to download it
Guest36299 11:01 ok. thank you :)
sabotaged|wk 12:01 anyone ever experienced firefox on mac drawing weird boxes in the top left of the screen (outside the firefox window) when getting the firefox window to un-mimize via AppleScript?
taxilian 21:01 sabotaged|wk: I've never had a need to unminimize the firefox window via applescript, so no
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