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naf 04:01 is this place only for firebreath or can i ask something geenral about plugin development on firefox
is this a bad time - perhaps early morning in your part of the world?
guess i'll drop in later
someone-noone 04:01 naf: what is your question?
naf 04:01 sorry i had stepped out
i have a plugin which is an active x control that supports drag n drop
on top of which i have a firefox wrapper plugin (npapi)
lately with firefox 4+ i have found several issues with DnD
one of the problems has to do with the fact that firefox no longer creates child HWNDs for each tab
which means i end up registering the entire window for DnD
another problem is that they have changed the client rect of the window such that it no longer matches with the visible web page area
which means that the coordinates i get during DnD from OLE are way off target
have you guys faced these issues, or can think of a way to resolve them?
someone-noone 05:01 naf: you should wait for taxilian or other firebreath's core developer. I'm sure he can answer on your question. Unfortunately, i'm not competent to answer on your question
naf 05:01 do you know what time they come around?
naf 05:01 posted at:
reichi 06:01 naf: later on
naf: he will mos likely answer your question even if you're not here :) a bot will tell you the answer ;)
or you wait for another 2-3h
he should be around than
FireBreathBot 07:01 JIRA issue issue created by reichi
taxilian 09:01 FireBreathBot: tell naf I've never done drag and drop, but why are you registering the browser window for it? you should be registering your own plugin's window