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Jake__ 02:01 i created a function that writes a file.... there wasn't an error occurred.. so i assumed codes were correct... problem is... i don't know where to find the file... any idea where the file was generated?
Jake__ 03:01 or is it just me that thinks the codes are correct..... but right now I'm thinking it's logically wrong
iamamoron 03:01 hello there again
does anybody could shed a light on how to call activex within firebiard
firebreath i mean
during compile i had a lots of errors
hope anybody could shed a light
iamamoron 03:01 or this way
how to add external dependencies on firebreath?
mynickisu 04:01 test
linearray 04:01 !wiki using libraries
FireBreathBot 04:01 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
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iamamoron 05:01 what i want is external dependencies
not library
i dont want mac
i want to run it in windows only
taxilian 11:01 FireBreathBot: tell iamamoron an external dependency (assuming you mean a DLL) is a library; you need to link to the .lib file that went with the DLL
FireBreathBot 11:01 taxilian: I'll pass that on when iamamoron is around.
taxilian 11:01 FireBreathBot: tell iamamoron oh, except activex; and you won't find anyone in this channel who can just walk you through that. that'll take a *lot* of research
FireBreathBot 11:01 taxilian: I'll pass that on when iamamoron is around.
jshanab_wcw 13:01 taxillian. I have an xcode question. I am still getting an assertion but this oneis descriptive. "target has been asked for its build context but it does not belong to a project"
This is enough of an assertion to crash xcode. Could this be something wrong with the project or does it point more to something wrong with xcode.
taxilian 13:01 hmm. I really don't know
jshanab_wcw 13:01 I did discover that if I clean then I can see that it compiles/links and either during link or after link and during "bundling" I get the assertion. (could it be....that the project is old xcode project?) There sure isn't much feedback during build, just a progress bar. I don't know if there is something wrong with xcode or if the UI is desigened to be that way
taxilian 13:01 there is a place wherey ou can see the details
it's just hard to find
I think it's the rightmost tab
jshanab_wcw 13:01 thanks, although it is always all green sicne the assertion crashes xcode :-(
Can I build without packaging?
taxilian 13:01 without packaging? I don't undersatnd
jshanab_wcw 13:01 I assume that it is hitting the mac installer code and crashing. the "bundle" stuf?
taxilian 13:01 there is no mac installer code in firebreath....
the bundle stuff is part of the build
it isn't a plugin if it isn't in a bundle
that's integral in xcode
you could try building from the console, I guess
jshanab_wcw 13:01 That should give me more info...
Sure is hard top get use to no delete key,home, end right mouse click etc
or pgup and down
taxilian 13:01 dude
delete key == fn + backspace
home is fn + right, but in most mac apps that does something different; you usually want command + right
sorry, that's end
left, not right
right is end
pgup is fn + up
pgdn is fn + dn
right mouse click is put two fingers on the mouse when you click
anything else you incorrectly believe is missing that I can help you with? =]
jshanab_wcw 13:01 I have been fumbling around trying different combinations with mixed results, but I still cannot get a delete, I can get a destructive backspace, but not a proper delete where you can got to the beginning of the line and delte stuf from the front
taxilian 13:01 fn + backspace
that is delete
jshanab_wcw 13:01 oh, got it, thanks, feeling mac challeneged today
taxilian 13:01 note that in a console by default you need to hold shift to use home, end, pgup, and pgdn as you may be used to
so shift + fn + home, etc
jshanab_wcw 13:01 you meant fn+delete I was trying fn+ (the back arrow) LOL
taxilian 13:01 you can also hook a normal windows keyboard up if you'd like
no, that's home
jshanab_wcw 13:01 well the macbook air does not actually have a key named "backspace"
taxilian 13:01 hotkey differences do take some adjustment
yeah, I forget how they are labeled
ch 13:01 <--
taxilian 13:01 but it's the same key =]
ch 13:01 probably
taxilian 13:01 no, it really is. key code and everything are the same
jshanab_wcw 13:01 NO, I guess they deprecated the key
taxilian 13:01 which key?
jshanab_wcw 13:01 A backspace
4 arrows and a delete, then all the mode keys
taxilian 13:01 they just figure people use backspace more than the common delete, so they call it delete to be less confusing to new users
but instead of sticking all the extra keys in like most laptop manufacturers do, they just put them on the other keys with fn
it's actually pretty intuitive once you get used to your
jshanab_wcw 13:01 but delete = backspace and fn+delete = delete. I can live with that
taxilian 13:01 yep
jshanab_wcw 13:01 this thing is tiny, thinner than my phone
taxilian 13:01 yeah; I have been somewhat tempted by the air but when it comes down to it it would just be an expensive toy
I couldn't do most of my development on it
I need a bigger screen
jshanab_wcw 13:01 The guy who does most of our apple stuff said it would be best for me vs a macbook pro. He sold us on that. Said it was actually faster but USB only for now, video out, and anythink else need special cables. It is very protable and the most power for a portable. pretty nice but I like having the numeric keypad of a larger unit and a larger screen would help me. Nexttime it is a 17" macbook... :-)
taxilian 13:01 17" macbook has no numeric keypad
the air is really nice for being portable; the SSD makes it faster for some things
but the lack of memory and screen real-estate can kill you
video out cables are really cheap, btw
get them from
jshanab_wcw 14:01 Compared tot he HP they bought me it is awsome. The darn hp has only 700 pixels vertically Visual studio doesn't even draw the scrollbar needed to get to the open file, it's header is to tall
taxilian 14:01 I believe it
thing is, I can't find a windows laptop with comparable specs to the 17" macbook pro (comparable on the thigns that are important to me) for significantly less than the mbp costs
so even though people talk about how overpriced macs are… they aren't, really
they are just high end
jshanab_wcw 14:01 I am one who saw all this move to HD as just a way for most monitor manufactures to sell a larger "inch" monitor but at a lower actual DPI. People fell for it and what a step backwards.
taxilian 14:01 yeah
agreed 100%
1080P? what are you kidding me? give me my 1920x1200
jshanab_wcw 14:01 Aggreed. In some areas they have really cheaped out. We had a customer who could not watch more than 4 video cameras on a brand new HP purchased from office max. We opened the case and I just about died. Full mini tower with a dual atom "netbook" board in it
taxilian 14:01 lol
jshanab_wcw 14:01 1920 x 1200 is my fav. I am running a pair of them now on this box (one horiz and one vert)
taxilian 14:01 yep. though I have to admit… I wouldn't mind having more of the 27" displays like I have on my imac
jshanab_wcw 14:01 We had to tell the customer "if he wanted to watch video, he needed to get a real computer." He was not pleased
taxilian 14:01 I believe it
jshanab_wcw 14:01 I used to have 3 1900x1600 CAD monitors on my PC. They were old tube type NOKIA 150 Lbs a pop and every bit of my desktop. I held out for a long time until decent resolutions showed up in flat panels (hince the hostname ghidra, the 3 headed mythologic beast)
taxilian 14:01 hehe.
yeah, I have 2 HP 24" monitors on my desk that do 1920x1200… well worth the $500 for the pair
jshanab_wcw 14:01 the HP Compaq LA2405wg's
taxilian 14:01 yep
those are them
jshanab_wcw 14:01 When I started this job and they had 4 19" monitors on single core boxes the first thing I did was bring in my own box and ordered immediatly new boxes for the developers and those were the only monitors I found and would consider at newegg.
I have one pair of monitors I like better at the house. the Viewsonic 23" IPS monitors. The mount is such that you can rotate them 90 without contorsions and even with one hand. the IPS and the round pixels mean they look the same rotated or not and have a ridiculous viewing angle without color loss
taxilian 14:01 it's surprising how many people don't understand how much productivity can boost with a decent amount of screen realestate
I've never liked rotating my screen, so I don't worry too much about that
jshanab_wcw 14:01 Which made me wonder why of why after all those years didn't windows ever provide virtual desktops? (but I found one that works pretty good)
I have found it invaluble for code (ok, so maybe I should make the function smaller)
taxilian 14:01 hehe
which one do you use?
jshanab_wcw 14:01 dexpot
I only use it on the notebook where screen realestate is a joke
taxilian 14:01 looks nice
I'll have to play with it
you've learned to use the virtual desktops on mac, I assume?
jshanab_wcw 14:01 On the one linux box at home I have the vertical and the horiz monitor so I have two 4 desktop cubes, one for each monitor. Drives onlookers nuts.
It has issues with some things like Visual studio which
Yup, FIRST thing i looked for. :-)
Visual studio has issues with the screen. Pop unders on itself, crashing remote desktop etc.
taxilian 14:01 ahh
ldiqual 14:01 Hey there
another issue this time :)
jshanab_wcw 14:01 I heard someone say it and it explains it best. VS2010 is Visual Studio's Vista
ldiqual 14:01 which is weird because I successfully compiled by project several times
taxilian 14:01 lol. and I still haven't had any real issues with vs2010
ldiqual: whats up?
ldiqual 14:01
hi taxilian :)
enlight me: is "whats up" like "how are you ?"
taxilian 14:01 ldiqual it's more like "what is happening that brings you here"
ldiqual 14:01 ok
/Users/ldiqual/Documents/svn/capture/firebreath/FireBreath/src/ScriptingCore/variant.h:862:16:{862:16-862:56}: error: no matching function for call to 'make_variant' [3]
taxilian 14:01 you know, if you use an IDE it'll break the errors apart so that they are easier to dig through
ldiqual 14:01 you mean xcode in my case ?
I just used grep
taxilian 14:01 and sounds like you haven't been able to walk through the stack reported to find out what it is
this is too big of a dump for me to dig through right now; I'm busy. figure out which line of your code it is
ldiqual 14:01 well, it is just an #include
taxilian 14:01 okay; you realize that when an error is reported, it gives you the stack of where it came from, right?
ldiqual 14:01 yes
taxilian 14:01 so if you look through the stack, you'll find a line similar to line 494-495 where it references a line of code *in your source file*
ldiqual 14:01 and it brings me to an "#include" from my own project
taxilian 14:01 that is generally the line that is wrong
go look at those lines
and figure out how I found them
because I'm not going to manually parse through 800 lines of logs each time you have a problem; this is something you need to learn how to do
ldiqual 14:01 ok I get it
you talked about using an IDE
what do you use on mac ?
taxilian 14:01 xcode
you don't have to; I'm just suggesting that it makes it easier
either way, you should be able to do the troubleshooting to track that down yourself, then you can ask me the question that you may not know the answer to — namely, why would that line not work?
and the reason lies in the type HeaderMap, which I have never seen
ldiqual 14:01 about that, you are right, I completely forgot one line
taxilian 14:01 which means that FireBreath hasn't either
ldiqual 14:01 yeap, headermap
you're right, I'm really sorry
taxilian 14:01 and therefore it likely isn't a valid type to fire into javascript
ldiqual 14:01 it's a typedef of map<string, string>
and I read that std types are supported
taxilian 14:01 please don't take offense or think I don't want you to ask questions… I just only have a limited amount of time, so I want to help you understand how to best make use of what time I can give you
that type would be fine for something coming from javascript
but not for something going to javascript
going to javascript you need to use a FB::VariantMap
which is a map<string, variant>
ldiqual 14:01 ok, I'll look into it
taxilian 14:01 good luck
ldiqual 14:01 thank you taxilian ;)
taxilian 14:01 you're welcome
ldiqual 14:01 and have a nice day, bye !
jshanab_wcw 14:01 taxilian. I have a question. Does the mac come with all the drawing models or do I have to download the sdk's. Test plugin builds. the BasicMedia player fails the build on the final "link everything" step. As seen by building on the command line
taxilian 14:01 it comes with them
jshanab_wcw 14:01 (sucks being the MAC guy, huh?)
taxilian 14:01 you gave me part of the build log, but not the part that contained the error
so I have no idea
jshanab_wcw 14:01 Oh, Then I am looking at the wrong part. I thought it was a linker problem
taxilian 14:01 it looks like it is
Ld failed
however, the error is still not in this log message
jshanab_wcw 14:01 There are warnings above about template initial;ization but I don't see the typical "foo not defined, refenced here " type of an error. (This is command line, xcode IDE crashes )
ch 14:01 if this is the llvm ld, try running the exact command line from terminal, I also had issues seeing it's stderr output
jshanab_wcw 14:01 Too many errors that way as ther is a whole environment to consider I think. I get things like no such file or directory on libPlugincore.a etc
ch 14:01 do you open firebreath.xcodeprj or yourplugin.xcodeprj?
jshanab_wcw 15:01 open BasicmediaPlayer.xcodeproj/ or xcodebuild --project BasciMediaPlayer.xcodeproj
ch 15:01 yeah that doesn't work
cmake should have generated a FireBreath.xcodeproj
you need to use that one
taxilian 15:01 oh
ch 15:01 then the IDE asserts go away and building should work as well
taxilian 15:01 yeah
it's been so long since I tried using the wrong project that I didni't even consider that possibility; always use the root FireBreath.<project type>
jshanab_wcw 15:01 Ah. Like building the sln and not the project? LOL. wow
taxilian 15:01 yeah
not entirely, but kinda
jshanab_wcw 15:01 Which target do i build. Might as well get it correct.
taxilian 15:01 good catch, ch
ch 15:01 the yourplugin target
BasicMediaPlayer in this case
taxilian 15:01 or ALL_BUILD if you want to build everything including the unit tests
but in this case.. .BasicMediaPlayer is probably what you want, as ch says
jshanab_wcw 15:01 Thanks, It is chewing on it
ch 15:01 (let's hope you have tons of RAM.)
taxilian 15:01 also, I want to take a moment and mention that if you'd followed the instructions on the wiki you woulnd't have this issue ;-)
jshanab_wcw 15:01 I managed to miss them, i watched the videos. My BAD
It only has 4G
taxilian 15:01 so not only did you get confused, but you were torchered by the sound of my voice
jshanab_wcw 15:01 OK, twist the knife ;-)
ch 15:01 With 4G, I'd advise you to close all Apps you've running except Xcode :)
taxilian 15:01 lol
4G was fine until XCode 4
ch 15:01 My current MacBook Pro only has 4G, and it's almost impossible to work with that.
jshanab_wcw 15:01 Can I put more in a macbook air? I gotta look that up
taxilian 15:01 nope
ch 15:01 Maybe the SSD saves you, dunno.
taxilian 15:01 at least, that has always been my understanding
jshanab_wcw 15:01 Oh boy shades of windows. Mac update popup during compile.
taxilian 15:01
jshanab_wcw 15:01 Well it built already
Not bad
taxilian 15:01 excellent
the easy part is now done
jshanab_wcw 15:01 Yes, the baseline for my own building of my plugin :-)
jshanab_wcw 15:01 I am trying the symlink trick and I cannot get it to work. At least I am reading the wiki
ch 15:01 still having trouble?
jshanab_wcw 15:01 The browser says plugin not loaded
when i try the geneerated test page. I was sure to exit safari completely.
taxilian 15:01 you symlinked the .plugin directory itself, right?
jshanab_wcw 15:01 Yeah, exactly as on wiki. well except the name was changed
taxilian 15:01 hmm
I don't know
check to see if the binary is in there
jshanab_wcw 15:01 I installe FF and same symptom so my link or choice of directory must be what is wrong
taxilian 15:01 or it didn't build right
jshanab_wcw 15:01 So it may be a "failed to load" issue. Is there a way to debug that?
jshanab_wcw 15:01 Got it. One look at the symlink and it was obvious "buildex" in the wiki is a placeholder for /Users...blah..blah/firebreth-dev/buildex
Thanks guys. Gonna head on home now. will begin the MAC port at home tonight
taxilian 16:01 oh, yeah =]
that would do it
ldiqual 16:01 Ok, I'm gonna make you angry...
taxilian 16:01 lol. rather than making me angry, why don't you ask me for help in figuring out whatever it is that you are having trouble with so that you can do it yourself?
ldiqual 16:01 well you're being ironical, I understand :)
I would completely understand that my issue is due to my lack of knowledge in C++
anyway, here it is
FB::VariantMap object;
that's my map<string, variant>
so if I want object["hello"] = "foo"
I don't really know how to do it
I used object["hello"] = new FB::variant("foo");
taxilian 16:01 remember that you only need to use new if you need a pointer
but acutally object["hello"] = "foo" would work just fine.
ldiqual 16:01 ok
that's what I understand
how is that possible, I didn't even tell it was a string...
taxilian 16:01 FB::variant is a very unusual type; it has constructors for all supported types, so implicit conversion usually works
ldiqual 16:01 oh, ok
taxilian 16:01 object["string"] = "some str"; object["intval"] = 15; etc
ldiqual 16:01 I didn't see a string contructor on documentation
but it's ok, now I understand ;)
taxilian 16:01 !wiki supported variant
ldiqual 16:01 btw, do you know why it was converted to "true" when using new FB::variant("foo"); ?
FireBreathBot 16:01 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"Supported JSAPI types":
"Version History":
"Using FireBreath":
"JSAPI Properties":
taxilian 16:01 that first link will tell you the types that are supported
and no, I'm not sure why it would think that was a bool; interesting
that must be the closest match for a pointer type
ldiqual 16:01 yes, I think so
I saw this page too, actually I almost read all your doc ^^
taxilian 16:01 good for you
please feel free to help update it and clarify what isn't clear
ldiqual 16:01 ok, that's what I wanted to do in
taxilian 16:01 as a rule I try not to update the docs myself; I find that what is clear to me is often unclear to others, since i wrote most of FireBreath
ldiqual 16:01 it is actually pretty clear and concise, at least more than many other docs
I think my knowledge of C++ is the issue :)
anyway, thanks again !
taxilian 16:01 that's always the hard part
good luck
jshanab_win7 16:01 Anyone seen cmake problems on mac? like 100% cpu part way thur the prep for over 20 min (so far)
taxilian 17:01 jshanab_win7: if prep takes more than 30 seconds it's definitely borked
stop it, delete the build dir, try again
jshanab_win7 17:01 I think i found it. I depend on some application specific environment variables. The empty include_dirs causes an infinite loop!
taxilian 17:01 lol
jshanab_win7 17:01 it is smart enough to give an error message but not smartenough to not loop forever. funny
taxilian 17:01 =]
jshanab_win7 17:01 The porting to mac will be an experiance, lots of windowisms to work out
taxilian 17:01 yeah
but when you're done you can help more with FireBreath 'cause you'll be experienced =]
jshanab_win7 17:01 so.... what is the "proper" way to set environment variables on this thing
Hey, X11 is next!
taxilian 17:01 lol
jshanab_win7 17:01 that url i sent you earlier was my desktop serving out Http Live Streaming
taxilian 17:01 ajj
can't look at right now, but later I will
jshanab_win7 17:01 It may still be running, I am having some awful stability issues :-)
taxilian 17:01 =]
jshanab_win7 17:01 Do I really have to set environment variables in two locations? .bash_profile and .plist
taxilian 17:01 it depends on what the purpose of those variables is
jshanab_win7 17:01 well, xcode will need it and prep and command line builds
taxilian 17:01 why don't you just use the env variables to put things into the project, then you only need it in the prep script
and you can do that by just putting it in the prep script itself
or use the syntax with something like: MY_VAR='foo' MY_VAR='bar' ./
jshanab_win7 17:01 I have set (MVS_COMMON $ENV{MVS_COMMON}) in the CMakeLists so it will work on both windows and mac builds and each persons machine when they do something silly like chose their own directory structure
taxilian 17:01 I see
I still think you could have the prep script use that, then you just rerun prep if it changes
jshanab_win7 17:01 ok so put it in bash_profile and maybe xcode will be ok with that
taxilian 17:01 or /etc/profile
jshanab_win7 17:01 I like Gento's method best. an /etc/conf directory with both path and env variable descritions on a per app basis. then an env-update script and an easy source profile does everything without even reloading the terminal
A totaly bash implementation, i could lift that and stick it on the mac :-)
taxilian 17:01 =]
jshanab_win7 18:01 it prepped. (No chance of building, I have so's to build and place in the directories along side my dlls) and some windows/mac detection code to modify the project
jshanab_win7 19:01 ok, dumb Q on this xcode ide. How to search all the files for a string. So there is an include stdint.h from windows that I need to find. When I do command F it opens a tine find line and I enter it and it only finds the file, not the includes
taxilian 19:01 check the edit menu
but I usually grep, so I'm not sure =]
jshanab_win7 19:01 I love grep. You are correct though in edit I found that it is shift+command+F. :-) It is not just another IDE for me. I think I have gotten to use to other modes of input, dialogs and context menus. Time to break old habits