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reichi 07:01 taxilian_away: somehow the fake-array [] operator doesn't seem to work here
Jake__ 07:01 need help here... can't seem to find the bin directory inside the build directory of the project... any idea where?
reichi 07:01 build of the project?
usually the path is FireBreath/build/bin
Jake__ 07:01 nope.. can't find it...
reichi 08:01 ur on windows right?
Jake__ 08:01 yep
reichi 08:01 than i'm if no help :/
Jake__ 08:01 ok.. thanks anyway for trying.. :D
Jake__ 09:01 i really can't figure this out... what files am I allowed to put codes in?
nirvdrum_ 09:01 Oops. Just missed him.
testy 13:01 hi !
is there any dev here ?
taxilian 13:01 testy:
FireBreathBot 13:01 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
tesy2 13:01 ok taskilian
I a real beginner with firebreath
I just tried to make a new project and build it on OSX Lion
taxilian 13:01 you the one who just posted to the mailing list?
tesy2 13:01 yeap
that's me
taxilian 13:01 okay; so you pasted the end, but you didn't include the message about which test actually failed
tesy2 13:01 Hmm I think I did
Isn't it [UnitTest_ScriptingCore_buildpart_0] Error 1
taxilian 13:01 then you didn't read carefully
that's the project that failed
but when it says "running unit test …." one of those will have failed
tesy2 13:01 ok, wait for a pastebin ^^
taxilian 13:01 thx
tesy2 13:01
taxilian 13:01 so the important line you were looking for is "Failure in VariantWideStringTest: tmp == "скажи""
that's the line that would have given me useful information
so to start out wtih, this isn't a critical error; it needs to be fixe,d and I'll look into it, but it shouldn't keep you from working on a plugin
just build the plugin project specifically and not ALL_BUILD
then it wont' run the unit tests
tesy2 13:01 all right
sorry for my missunderstanding
taxilian 13:01 no problem. I'm just letting you know for future reference
tesy2 13:01 and how do I build it specifically ?
taxilian 13:01 I don't have xcode4 on this computer right now, so I don't remember precise steps, but you just need to select the correct project
which will be whatever your plugin is named
tesy2 13:01 oh, right, so it's a option to give to xcodebuild I guess
taxilian 13:01 oh, you're building from the command line?
tesy2 13:01 yeap
I just saw an --project argument
taxilian 13:01 cmake --build build/ -t <project>
then you don't even have to mess with xcodebuild and it's cross platform the same command
tesy2 13:01 ok nice
so no prepmac ?
taxilian 13:01 that's after prepmac
tesy2 13:01 build succeeded ;)
thanks a lot !
taxilian 13:01 hmm. and I can't repro your issue
tesy2 13:01 :S
last question
where do I find my plugin packed ?
(I can see one in build/projectname/Debug/projectname.plugin)
taxilian 14:01 and that would be it
I guess I don't understand your question
tesy2 14:01 cmake is supposed to compile my plugin and generate a .plugin, am I wrong ?
taxilian 14:01 okya, back up for a second
cmake creates a project
cmake --build uses whatever your compiler is (xcode in this case) to build your plugin and generate a .plugin
from the previously created project
and it puts it exactly where you just said you found it
tesy2 14:01 all right
taxilian 14:01 build/projectname/Debug/projectname.plugin
tesy2 14:01 thank you, that's all I needed ;)
taxilian 14:01 yw
tesy2 14:01 have a nice day (night ?), and maybe see you later !
taxilian 14:01 it's day here
and you
tesy2 14:01 10pm
if you need more information about my environment for repro, just let me know on my email
I also saw you on stackoverflow, I guess you will answer some of my questions there :P
sabotaged 14:01 so on cocoa/coreanimation, when i get a FB::AttachedEvent on plugin startup, the plugin's window size is 0
what is a reliable way of finding out the actual size
taxilian 14:01 that's normal
watch for a resizeevent
sabotaged 14:01 there is the resize event, but i'm wondering if it's safe to assume the first time that's called
just worried if some browser might give a non-zero size during attach, then not call resizeevent
guess i can just add some logic to cover that
taxilian 14:01 not as far as I know
but I'm not as familiar with CA as I am with other pieces
sabotaged 14:01 ok
ugh gotta setup my real irc client again
ldiqual 15:01 re, taxilian
you here ?
taxilian 15:01 yes
but on a call, so responding slowly
ldiqual 15:01 So I continued a bit on my plugin, but everytime I have a bug in my own code, cmake says it comes from boost
So I don't know where I have to look for bugs, and I pretty sure boost doesn't have any...
taxilian 15:01 cmake?
cmake doesn't tell you anything about bugs
your compiler might
ldiqual 15:01 you're right, but it's invoked by cmake, am I right ?
taxilian 15:01 that totally depends on what you did
it might have been invoked using cmake --build
but that doesn't mean that the error is in any way related to or coming from cmake
and it's very confusing if you try to imply that it is
ldiqual 15:01 I'm sure you understood I'm a real beginner :)
ok, so cmake invoke a compiler
linearray 15:01 .pb
FireBreathBot 15:01 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
linearray 15:01 just paste it
ldiqual 15:01 ok I will but I'm pretty sure nothing comes from boost
taxilian 15:01 boost is a toolkit; the errors are likely template errors which cause the error to be actually in boost even though the cause is elsewhere. if you read down the error (several lines) you'll eventually see a filename/line number from one of your files
ldiqual 15:01 oh, ok
well the only two lines I see just refer to #include
taxilian 15:01 on the phone, be back soon
linearray 15:01 you posted a warning
ldiqual 15:01 ok I see
I finally see an error ^^
FireBreathBot 17:01 Commit 902bfda on master by Richard Bateman: "Fixed bug in JSAPIAuto attributes"
ldiqual 18:01 re, guys
a simple question this time
when using cmake --build build/ --target myproject
it builds everything from scratch
making it long to compile
taxilian 18:01 it only rebuilds things that haven't changed
that have changed
unless you have deleted your build dir
ldiqual 18:01 that's a lot of files
taxilian 18:01 it's a complex project
ldiqual 18:01 ok :)
taxilian 18:01 and it looks even worse than it is when you build from the console instead of using an IDE
gotta run
good luck
ldiqual 18:01 thanks !
Jake__ 21:01 where can I find the build directory?? i'm using windows