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taxilian 09:01 FireBreathBot: tell jake__ you need to run git submodule update from within the firebreath directory
FireBreathBot 09:01 taxilian: I'll pass that on when jake__ is around.
linearray 11:01 I'm trying to put some video on a CALayer... I see the BasicMediaPlayer is using a CAOpenGLLayer for that. Also players like VLC use OpenGL output for video. Is that the standard way? Is there a better way?
taxilian 11:01 honestly I think using CoreGraphics might be a better option
but opengl is more cross platform
linearray 11:01 isn't that legacy?
I thought CA+ICA was the way to go
taxilian 11:01 CoreGraphics? no, it's not legacy at all
CA/ICA have some advantages; just depends on what you need
linearray 11:01 all I need and can think of is video display
taxilian 11:01 do you need to do any overlays or anything?
linearray 11:01 no
taxilian 11:01 then I'd start with CG; you can always update it to CA later if you actually need to
linearray 11:01 ok, thanks for the hint
taxilian 11:01 CG has better compatibility and is easier
and there is already a code sample gist linked to from the tips and tricks page for drawing a pixel buffer with it
linearray 15:01 before I start on my q
before I start a useless endeavor: can I let PlaybackMac inherit from PluginEventSink and make it a member of my plugin class?
so that it receives the CoreGraphics events
taxilian 15:01 certainly
if you look at those examples, they were designed to work that way
linearray 15:01 those?
taxilian 15:01 look at the WebView library for another example of doing that
maybe I didn't post the full file
linearray 15:01 alright
taxilian 15:01 do you have the link handy?
to those gists?
linearray 15:01 I used this
taxilian 15:01 refresh
there is an example below on how to attach
linearray 15:01 nice!
taxilian 15:01 there, refresh again
I added some more detail
linearray 15:01 thank you, this really helps
taxilian 15:01 and incidentally, that is exactly how I recommend you do platform-specific drawing
it keeps things really clean
linearray 15:01 nitty gritty detail: I had to do something like wnd->AttachObserver(FB::ptr_cast<PluginEventSink>(bitBlitter));
of what type is bitBlitter in your plugin that you got around that?
taxilian 15:01 you shouldn't need to
as long as bitBlitter is a type that inherits from FB::PluginEventSink
linearray 15:01 hmm
taxilian 15:01 because safe casts should work implicitly; upcasting is always safe
shenberg 15:01 Hey,
taxilian 15:01 'morning
shenberg 15:01 I've been ranging widely in my doing of unintended things, and the latest I'm trying to achieve is providing a File object or something similar fed with data I control
I want there to be a URL that I can stick to the src of an audio or video tag and have the browser stream my data
taxilian 15:01 tricky
really tricky
shenberg 15:01 Data URLs work, but they force me to preload entire files
taxilian 15:01 where are the files coming from?
shenberg 15:01 User's local disk
FireBreathBot 15:01 JIRA issue issue created by ch
JIRA issue issue commented by richard "I usually just create my own in my project dir that passes the cmake options into the ..."
taxilian 16:01 if you knew the path could you just put the path in the src?
or do you need to do some sort of processing and/or use files that the browser sin't allowed to use?
shenberg 16:01 Some processing is needed (e.g. I'm parsing the id3 tag of MP3 files)
FireBreathBot 16:01 JIRA issue issue updated by ch
taxilian 16:01 then probably the best option you if you need to use a plugin would be an embedded web server
FireBreathBot 16:01 JIRA issue issue commented by ch "Patch attached now :-)"
shenberg 16:01 I'll try that out, thanks
taxilian 16:01 shenberg: there is an embedded web server int he firebreath codebase
called HTTPService
FireBreathBot 16:01 Commit 43e46bd on master by Christian Hofstaedtler: "FIREBREATH-153 Make honor CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES..."
JIRA issue issue resolved by richard "Seems to work just fine. Thanks for the patch!"
taxilian 16:01 ch: thanks =]
ch 16:01 taxilian: thanks :-)
shenberg 16:01 Thanks - I remembered reading that in the docs - there was a gist showing a sample, right?
found it
taxilian 16:01 yep
ch: it's nice to have issues submitted by people willing to help fix them
that is surprisingly rare
ch 16:01 well, when it's something I actually can fix, putting it up is the right thing to do :)
taxilian 16:01 yeah; I have a goal of some day eliminating the prep scripts, but for now I'm not sure what to replace them with
originally they were needed on mac because we had to patch the cmake output, but cmake finally released a version with my fix in it so that's not needed anymore
but for someone unfamiliar with cmake it's nice to not have to run it yourself
ch 16:01 yes, very true