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Jake__ 02:01 i'm having a problem in using cmake in windows cmd... it is generating an error that cmake is not a recognized command... can somebody help me?
taxilian 02:01 Jake__: you need to a) install cmake, and b) tell it to put add the cmake directory to the path
Jake__ 02:01 that's done... but still doesn't work
taxilian 02:01 did you restart your cmd window?
because the message you're getting means that cmake is not in the path
so either you didn't install it correctly (meaning you didn't tell it to add it to the path or otherwise somehow borked the install) or you haven't restarted your cmd window so you don't have the new path there
also, as an FYI normally I'm asleep at this time, so don't expect me to talk to you around this time regularly =]
Jake__ 02:01 ok... i'm really grateful that you're not asleep yet.. :D
taxilian 02:01 not for lack of trying, believe me
Jake__ 02:01 hehe
umm.... still can't figure this out... wew.... I installed CMake in my C: directory
as well as my firebreath project
was I wrong with my CMake installation directory?
taxilian 02:01 you should have installed cmake in the default place
but added it to the path
just like the instructions on the website tell you to
Jake__ 02:01 i'm just really confused.. what path should it be added to?
taxilian 02:01 the system path
Jake__ 02:01 ok
i'll try it again
taxilian 02:01 you are unfamiliar with the command prompt, I take it?
Jake__ 02:01 yeah.. i'm still a newbie... forgive me... :D
taxilian 02:01 may want to read up a bit:
well, I'm for bed. I'll be back in about 8 hours.
good luck
Jake__ 02:01 ok2.. thank you... by the way... it already worked.. thanks for the tip.. :D
linearray 03:01 this is awesome
linearray 10:01 have you guys ever tried setting BOOST_ROOT to a relative path?
nevermind... I had to ../ the path
linearray 11:01 hi
taxilian 11:01 g'morning
linearray 11:01 did anyone try building with boost 1.48 yet?
taxilian 11:01 I haven't
linearray 11:01 compiling boost is not for the faint of heart
taxilian 11:01 lol
linearray 11:01 I even documented the steps I took the last time on the wiki
now when I rerun them, it fails with obscure errors
maybe source code has a time decay
nimaj7 14:01 HI there, I am building a firebreath based plugin on windows... I used add_firebreath_library(curl) to add the curl lib to our build. cmake finds the lib and doesnt throw any errors.. However when I compile the plugin I get a bunch of errors regarding unresolved external symbols from libcurl.lib... There are hints that its regarding ssl in libcurl, is there a way to use firebreath's libcurl without ssl?
taxilian 14:01 you'd have to rebuild it
I'll be back in about 20 min, can talk to you more about it
nimaj7 14:01 ok... So the libcurl build that gets downloaded from the git repo uses ssl.... I will rebuild and test it out
nimaj7 15:01 taxilian: for when you get back I downloaded and swapped the libcurl for a build that doesnt use ssl... Build works fine however I do get this warning: heat.exe : warning HEAT5150: Could not harvest data from a file that was expected to be a SelfReg DLL blah blah blah error: 126... When I try to register the dll I get "the module failed to load
taxilian 15:01 you're using a version that requires the curl dll then
nimaj7 15:01 Ahh interesting.. havent used libcurl very much so I am new to this...
looking into building without the need for dll thanks for the info
taxilian 15:01 nimaj7:
that's how I did it
back in the day
nimaj7 17:01 taxilian: Got it working used the info from the page but threw in /DCURL_DISABLE_SSL... built and working in VS2010
thanks for the help
taxilian 17:01 yw