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FireBreathBot 02:12 JIRA issue issue updated by halton "Update patch with git format and do some code cleanup."
shaheenbanu 02:12 Hi, is there any link for unit test plan for firebreath?
aamitgpta 03:12 hi
i need help to Create a cross browser plugin with hardware interaction
a plugin which should read USB
in mac and window
reichi 03:12 aamitgpta: i think you may want to consider using some usb-library
aamitgpta 03:12 does firebreath support that
reichi 03:12 aamitgpta: what?
using a lib?
aamitgpta 03:12 to read USD device
reichi 03:12 mmh
aamitgpta 03:12 sorry
if there is any example please provide us
reichi 03:12 i don't have one :)
is what i would suggest
out of the blue ;)
aamitgpta 03:12 thanks that i am looking right now
but if i use firebreath then i dont need to write 2 source code one for mac and one for Window
reichi 03:12 not if you use libusb
aamitgpta 03:12 or i need to write to application
reichi 03:12 and well
it depends
each firebreath project is prepered to have "target-os-specific-code"
especially for displaying stuff
you may need that
aamitgpta 03:12 ok
means i need to write to code
reichi 03:12 but you can keep that within on eproject
aamitgpta 03:12 ok
reichi 03:12 usually you write a single plugin
with os-specific stuff where it's required
aamitgpta 03:12 also i am facing to use NPAPI in ma for making plugin for safari 5.1
reichi 03:12 hmm
aamitgpta 03:12 i created a plugin which runs fine in safari 5.0 but as per apple framework chaneg
reichi 03:12 so?
i thought firebreath got a patch
to work around that
aamitgpta 03:12 i did not get any example how to use that
firebreath have support NPAPI for 5.1
reichi 03:12 how to use what?
aamitgpta 03:12 yes
i want to port my code for 5.1
and remove webkit and use NPAPI
if i found any example that use NPAPI and read loaded url and read web site source code using DOM then it will very help us
i was struggling last 15 days
reichi 03:12 hmm
use firebreath?
and FB::DOM::Document
aamitgpta 03:12 yes
reichi 03:12 well DocumentPtr to be precise
aamitgpta 03:12 and my code was written in obj c
reichi 03:12 that's sad
aamitgpta 03:12 why?
firebreath does not support obj-c
hello u there
please help me how to schive that
reichi 03:12 you should really have a look at the firebreath example projects
besides that i just started using it myself a few days ago
aamitgpta 03:12 i tried but i did not found how to run
i think i dont have found write place
please give me the link where i can find the examples
reichi 03:12 than you haven't read the "Getting started" on the firebreath homepage
there is no link...
you have to get firebreath
the examples are shipped with it
aamitgpta 04:12 yes
i have firebreath-FireBreath-firebreath-1.6.0rc2-49-g94f4ade
here 2 example are available
i am reading now i want to know the development langauage of source code for using firebreath
as i understand pythan
please reply
reichi 04:12 it's c++