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kylehuff 10:12 taxilian: I report for duty on the 3rd of January.
taxilian 10:12 I can imagine that the delay in finishing basic is annoying, but I'm sure your family is happy to have you back for a bit
kylehuff 10:12 yes and yes. I was going to stay originally and try to get a leg up on training, but then I found out that I would be moved to another location and do meaningless/waste of time things like go to hockey and football games... I'd rather take the time with my family, personally.
taxilian 10:12 yeah
linearray 10:12 the army makes you go to football games?
taxilian 10:12 thus proving that they are unspeakably cruel… ;-)
kylehuff 10:12 lol -- for me, that is cruel. I hate sports. ultra waste of time.
taxilian 10:12 hehe. I don't mind watching sports live nearly as much as on TV; hockey is actually pretty fun to watch live, IMO
kylehuff 11:12 yes, I tend to agree with you there, hockey is pretty interesting to watch, especially live.
linearray 13:12 when do people usually return from christmas holidays? Jan 2?
kylehuff 13:12 I'm not sure -- I rarely took time off with my old job so I never paid attention
this is actually the longest stretch of consecutive time I've had off in entire working life.
*in my
taxilian 14:12 linearray: most people have 2 days off for Christmas, 2 days off for new years
often people will take the extra few days to make that a full week or so
taxilian 14:12 I've become corrupt from running this chat room so long
I find myself answering questions and giving advice in other rooms too… currently I'm teaching some random guy how to do JS stuff
linearray 14:12 hehe I'm currently trying to do the opposite
not trying to be as unhelpful as possible, but trying to reduce my IRC and other distractions exposure
taxilian 14:12 yeah; I feel fairly strongly that if you use or benefit from a project you should try to contribute back in some way
and I've used backbone.js quite a bit, so I'm hanging out in the chat room
I'm trying to let others do the helping, but today for some reason nobody else seems to be around
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Commit 94f4ade on firebreath-1.6 by Richard Bateman: "Added flattr button"
jshanab_wcw 15:12 Good evening all
taxilian 15:12 g'morning
jshanab_wcw 15:12 Hey no joke, I completely lost thursday this week, I had to be convinced it was friday
I got streaming to the ipad and ipone working, well kinda, it is getting the segments more than once and therfore studdering.
taxilian 15:12 hehe
well, it's a start
jshanab_wcw 15:12 It wasn't doing it before. just started. A developer from apple (the author of the validator tool) found my problem. I had 1 bit set to 0 instead of 1 in a header. Very touchy recursive headers
taxilian 15:12 lol
gotta love it
glad you got it working, though
jshanab_wcw 16:12 Now if i can just figure out why it is reloading all segemnets in the index everytime
linearray 17:12 when is the promised FB hackathon going to be? :)
taxilian 17:12 lol. there is a promised FB hackathon?
linearray 17:12 "anyone who wants to help me may apply in the IRC chat room =] Anyone who does not apply forfeits their right to complain if I don't get to their pet issue report :-P
taxilian 17:12 ahh
that one
I'm not certain yet
one day next week
linearray 17:12 I'm touring the country mon/tue/wed, thu/fri should be ok for me
taxilian 17:12 okay
prolly can do thur or fri
linearray 17:12 This year I host a hackathon on new year's eve
in an attempt to spend one NYE in my life that does not suck.
so far I found three agreeing souls :)
taxilian 17:12 hehe. sounds fun =] if I didn't have family....