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FireBreathBot 01:12 JIRA issue issue commented by [email protected] "Richard,
reichi 02:12 hi
reichi 07:12 is there a way to add properties to the window object via NPAPI/firebreath without having an actual <object> tag?
basically "no matter what"
taxilian 10:12 reichi: no, that would be an extension
FireBreathBot 10:12 JIRA issue issue commented by richard "I'm not. perhaps next week. Sorry :-/"
reichi 10:12 taxilian: not a problem :)
thx for the info :)
taxilian 10:12 reichi: see
reichi 10:12 nice, thx
reichi 10:12 i love firebreath btw, big props to you guys :)
taxilian 11:12 why thanks =]
reichi 11:12 i spent days trying to find some hack around the issue, that qtwebkit doesn't allow creating custom events
is spent literally 10 minutes with fb
and it just worked
taxilian 11:12 I won't tell you how much time I spent making that work initially…. =]
reichi 11:12 :P
taxilian 11:12 but that's why FireBreath makes such a good open source project
it's pretty much all non-protected IP stuff for any given company and so people can contribute fixes and such
reichi 11:12 i still have to make the "objectFactory" in qt....
(that's the window property i need)
taxilian 11:12 you can set a property from a NPAPI plugin, you just have to put the object tag into the page in order to get the plugin to be loaded and run
reichi 11:12 that's none of my choice ;)
the spec says "you can either use the object tags or the objectFactory property of the window-object
taxilian 11:12 ahh
in other words, whoever wrote the spec does not actually understand how plugins and extensions work
reichi 11:12 dunno who thought that would be a nice idea (i see no reason for an objectFactory if you actually do have the mime-types
taxilian 11:12 you can use a NPAPI plugin in an extension
reichi 11:12 well
i decided to just create the required objects nodes
and push them tot he dom
anyway, thx for your help and work again, i gotta go and grab some stuff from the supermarket before it closes...
taxilian 11:12 good luck
reichi 11:12 :P
maybe that's what you need right before christmas
taxilian 11:12 and perhaps body armor
reichi 11:12 i think a gun would do
it would buy you at least a few minutes of relaxed shopping ;)
linearray 11:12 I hear pepper spray is useful when shopping
reichi 11:12 either way
it's only for a short period of time
taxilian 11:12 hehe. that may depend on where you live and how many *other* people have a gun as well...
pepper spray is probably the safer bet of the two
as my friend used to say, "an armed society is a polite society"… ;-)
reichi 11:12 well
i'm happy weapons are not allowed in germany
at least not easily
taxilian 11:12 hehe
FireBreathBot 11:12 JIRA issue issue created by tjgrant
taxilian 12:12 ...
aren't you supposed to be in the Army?
kylehuff: don't tell me they kicked you out already?
kylehuff 12:12 haha, I am.. it is Christmas exodus.
taxilian 12:12 ahh. =] well, Merry Christmas and congrats on the break
kylehuff 12:12 Thanks. I would have rather stayed and finished training, but this should be a nice break.
Basic is hard, but I love it. I just can't stand the idiots I have to work with.
taxilian 12:12 lol
welcome to the army
or really any government-driven organization
kylehuff 12:12 yeah
these kids are so retarded though... I swear, my kids have more discipline...
taxilian 12:12 lol
probably so, but give them a few years and they too might grow out of it… =]
kylehuff 12:12 I hope...
taxilian 12:12 I'm glad things are going mostly well, though
kylehuff 12:12 yeah, me too. if it were not for being separated from the family, I'd be right at home.
anything exciting in the world of FireBreath?
taxilian 12:12 not really; I'm still working on a complete rewrite of the company system and probably won't have time to really jump back in until it is released
mid-end of january
I will try to spend a bit of my time off next week on it, though
items in the jira list are adding up, but none really critical so far
kylehuff 12:12 I see. cool.
how is the family?
taxilian 12:12 doing well. we're most of us sick to one degree or another right now, but tha'ts just life
just colds, so it won't kill us
Caleb is definitely a 2 year old, but that'll pass too =]
and Dallin (8 mo tomorrow) is showing signs that he'll probably be crawling soon
kylehuff 12:12 oh, that sucks. but I have been couped up with 147 other guys who are all sick...
taxilian 12:12 hehe
kylehuff 12:12 aren't you in Utah?
taxilian 12:12 yeah
kylehuff 12:12 I was in Salt Lake City yesterday on a layover. I thought of you.
taxilian 12:12 cool. I was in the SLC airport myself just Tuesday night
too bad you weren't here long enough we could have hung out or something =]
gone to dinner
kylehuff 12:12 that would have been cool, except, I was a zombie... they made us stay up for 3 days straight during the travel
taxilian 12:12 lol. yeah, I've done that… not the most fun
brb, phone call
kylehuff 12:12 1.) to make us so tired we wouldnt do stupid crap in the airport in uniform, and 2.) to treat it as an actual combat mission
taxilian 12:12 heh