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Jeni 00:12 PIhow to remove fire breath plugin from my firefox sameone know ? please?
FireBreathBot 02:12 JIRA issue issue updated by halton "Updated patch with following changes:
panther_ 02:12 hello
linearray 02:12 hello
panther_ 02:12 i have written a sample NPAPI plugin on Ubuntu..Its getting loaded with firefox chrome without any issues
but when i try to load the same plugin to QtTestBrowser a sample browser from QtWebKit 2.2 it fails
can any one explain exactly the browser searches the plugins n gets the MIME type
e.g how chrome dumps d plugin info when we do about:plugins
linearray 02:12 are you using firebreath?
dougma 03:12 surely QtTestBrowser will have its own strategy for finding plugins, if it even supports them.
gargle 03:12 hi
dougma 03:12 hi
panther_ 03:12 no i am not using firebreath
sorry for late reply
Does QtWebKit handle NPAPI plugins in a different way than chrome and firefox ?
linearray 03:12 no idea
I didn't even know it existed.
panther_ 03:12 what approach should i take to port a plugin which is working on firefox to qtwebkit
QtWebKit supports NPAPI plugins
linearray 03:12 I think you should ask the QtWebKit people
panther_ 03:12 ok thnx buddy
gargle 03:12 Someone try to catch some windows event in FB ?
taxilian send me this : but i don't where put the new files and the link in FB
taxilian 10:12 oooh look… my name is on the firefox release announcement :-P
gargle 10:12 Hi taxilian
i've some questions ... where i put news files (usbnotify & pluginWindowWin
i've some questions ... where i put news files (usbnotify & pluginWindowWin)
taxilian 10:12 gargle: usbnotify is not a full functioning example
it's an example that you can build on
the files would just go in your project; it's basically a singleton, you get the instance by calling USBNotify::create()
it's designed so you can register a JSAPI object on it from your plugin, but you'll need to look at the code and understand it
gargle 11:12 i put it in my plugin project, not in the FB folder ?
taxilian 11:12 yes
it's part of your plugin project
and it will certainly need to be tweaked; it's not a solution, but an example
gargle 11:12 ok, I will try it
I understand
i will work under mac too ?
taxilian 11:12 not with this example
though you could add a Mac version
you just need to figure out how to detect it
I may have some code for that as well, but I don't own it and probably can't give it out. Also, it's much more specialized
gargle 11:12 ok, i have tu make the file pluginWindowWin but for mac ?
taxilian 11:12 huh? PluginWindowWin is a FireBreath thing; it's the windows-specific pluginwindow
and it isn't even used in that gist
why are you worried about it?
the only code in those files in the gist that is cross platform is the stuff in files not suffixed with "Win"
sabotaged|wk 18:12 anyone used IOSurface before?