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gargle 02:12 Hi all
dpemmons 03:12 howdy
gargle 04:12 Hi
dougma 04:12 hi
Markzz 04:12 I'm not using the firebreath framework because i've only just started and wish to understand the structure/flow. I'm hard pressed finding useful information so im asking here. I've built a dll with the basics, UPP functions, NPPluginFuncs. However I cannot work out how to 'install' / 'register' the plugin with firefox. I've tried the registry edit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MozillaPlugi
ns\@domain/plugin_name\MimeTypes\application/x-MIME with no success, the plugin does not appear in about:plugins. I came accross regsrv32 on the firebreath docs and am not familiar with how it works, which I will go research now. If anyone can help thanks.
dougma 05:12 i suggest you use Firebreath to understand the framework. :)
regsvr32 is generally for registering COM controls... so it won't help you per se.
Markzz 05:12 Seems regsvr just calls DllRegisterServer/Un: which were designed to "Instructs an in-process server to create its registry entries for all classes supported in this server module."
someone-noone 11:12 Hello! I
I'm searching for plugin-developer for small task. Need skills in SDL(video rendering). Platforms are linux and\or windows. If someone interested, please contact me.
linearray 13:12 globalPluginDeInitialize is called when activePluginCount hits zero. Is globalPluginInitialize called every time activePluginCount hits 1 or just the first time?
i.e. when I open, close, open, close, is it run once or twice
taxilian 14:12 linearray: actually that is not true
it isn't reference counted
globalPluginDeinitialize is called before the process unloads
linearray 14:12 ok
linearray 14:12 on the wiki it says When the last plugin instance is destroyed, after your destructor is called, the global function globalPluginDeinitialize() will be called.
should I change it?
taxilian 21:12 linearray: yeah, probably should be changed
(sorry, it's been a crazy day)