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Bibhu 02:12 Hi
Can anybody help me out ?
jshanab_wcw 05:12 Good Morning everyone
linearray 05:12 hi
taxilian 06:12 g'morning
jshanab_wcw: did you get it all working w/ xcode?
linearray 06:12 early birds today
taxilian 06:12 well, when the flight leaves at 7am....
linearray 06:12 hehe
jshanab_wcw 06:12 naw. someting wrong with xcode and lion 10.7.2 from what I can see. On the brighter side i think i know what is wrong with my HLS streaming. I'll know in a few hours if i got it or not
taxilian 06:12 lol. glad you're making some progress on that…. sometimes you just need to step away from the problem for awhile
jshanab_wcw 06:12 linearray. It is already 7am where I am, taxillian is the early bird of the day :-=)
taxilian 06:12 heh. 6am here
I should still be in bed for another 3 hours ;-)
but it's 7am where I'm going
wait… no it isn't
it's 5am where I'm going
I'm just bad at math
jshanab_wcw 06:12 I never could sleep in. If you find me in bed at 9am I am either sick or worse
linearray 06:12 lucky you
taxilian 06:12 hehe. I never could get up early
jshanab_wcw 06:12 The two worst things I have ever encountered in Software engineering are timezone management and language localization
taxilian 06:12 when I was serving a mission for my church the rule was up by 6:30am, bed by 10:30pm; you'd think after 2 years I'd get used to it? no. never happened
linearray 06:12 sounds like the army :)
jshanab_wcw 06:12 I opened a machine shop at 6am for almost 20 years without an alarm clock, still don't own one. (blessing or curse, i don't know. It took me 3 monthes to adjust to time change moving from Ca to IL
taxilian 06:12 linearray: there are a surprising number of similarities ;-)
heh. yeah, I'm probably more alert at 6am if I didn't sleep the night before than I am if I get up for it
but that's not really practical, so I just have to wage a constant battle with my internal clock
linearray 06:12 btw. today is the first day I tried
worked well... but the sample size is 1 so far
jshanab_wcw 06:12 When i was younger and needed to reset my internal clock I would stay up for over 24 hours then go to sleep at the time I needed for "8 hours" of sleep
taxilian 06:12 heh. I guess I could try that sometime
I suspect I may have sleep apnia; that may be part of my issue, if so
jshanab_wcw 06:12 Are you sure you are awake? that url doesn't work!
taxilian 06:12 one of these days I'll see a doctor or something to find out
works for me
linearray 06:12 hehe
jshanab_wcw 06:12 I DO have sleep apnia. Here is a hint. Do you dream, i meam dreams you remember?
taxilian 06:12 jshanab_wcw: very very rarely
but sometimes
jshanab_wcw 06:12 At some point in my life I just stopped remembering my dreams. Turns out I was not getting the type of REM sleep I needed. As soon as my Sleep apnia was diaganosed and treated i started dreaming again!
taxilian 06:12 interesting; that's not a good sign for me =]
jshanab_wcw 06:12 Then I would say you probably do not have Sleep apnia, but the test is to go sleep at their windowless room with a bunch of sensors on ya, worst night of sleep I ever had.
taxilian 06:12 heh. yeah; I'm not really looking forward to that idea
part of why I haven't done it yet
jshanab_wcw 06:12 OF course, I had the worst score on record. Doc said I was getting "equivilent of 45 min a nigth" of sleep.
taxilian 06:12 btw jshanab_wcw I ended up adding a −25px bottom margin to that page; I still can't figure out why I would need to, but I was tired of dealing with it
jshanab_wcw 06:12 The test sucks, but... it turns out Sleep Apnia is hard on the heart.
taxilian 06:12 so do you use one of them fun breathing machines whose name I forget?
jshanab_wcw 06:12 huh the line-height worked better for firefox than the negative margin, i played with that too
taxilian 06:12 the line-height worked okay but it affected the top as well; the gap was really on the bottom. I still haven't tested it on firefox, though
so maybe I should =]
jshanab_wcw 06:12 Yup. Bipap. there is a cpap also.
taxilian 06:12 looks okay
my dad and grandfather both use the cpap
haven't seen a bipap
jshanab_wcw 06:12 Just means presure inhale AND on exhale to keep channel inflated. Hard to get use to, only for the sever cases.
taxilian 06:12 fun
jshanab_wcw 06:12 For me, weight is an issue. If I loose weight, I may then be able to have the laser surgery to eliminate the need for the machine.
taxilian 06:12 I suspect my weight is a problem as well; I was 60 pounds lighter when I returned from Russia than I am now
though I've been steady for a long time
something about no longer walking 10 miles or more a day....
and getting married
jshanab_wcw 06:12 I lost weight before I moved out here to Chicago, pfft, gained that back plus a few.
Yeah. I used to play paintball, skateboard, rollerskate, dance, etc. Then my back got hurt. I guess we'll be comparing newyears resolutions...
taxilian 06:12 hehe
I've been playing ultimate frisbee with my younger brother lately
not helping with the weight, but it's helping me get in better condition
linearray 06:12 meh, I also had to quit cycling due to injury
jshanab_wcw 06:12 My issue with the segments I think is that each segment file must start with a PAT packet. The live555 library does not handle that.
I use to ride, loved it also stopped when back got hurt. I was about 5000 miles a year
taxilian 06:12 ahh; that woudl do it. can you add the packet on-the-fly without transcoding?
linearray 06:12 if all goes well I will be repaired in march, in time for the 2012 season :)
jshanab_wcw 06:12 Yes, that is what I am working on now via gorilla subclassing
taxilian 06:12 LOL. this is good:
jshanab_wcw 06:12 I have been in here every weekend for the last year, that is perfect! thanks
taxilian 06:12 well, I think my flight is about to board; I'll almost certainly be back online later when I get to the office
too bad none of you guys are in the SF area
see ya
good luck
linearray 06:12 bye
jshanab_wcw 06:12 C-ya
linearray 14:12 awefully quiet in here!
taxilian 14:12 happens =]
dpemmons 15:12 ping
taxilian 15:12 pong
your latency is 9 minutes
FireBreathBot 15:12 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
taxilian 15:12 dpemmons: if you ask a question, eventually one of us will get back and can try to answer it. "ping" is rarely a useful question, however
dpemmons 15:12 ha na just wanted to pop in and say hello for thanks for such a great project :)
taxilian 15:12 well thanks =]
I'm glad it's helpful
and thank you for doing so; it's surprisingly rare that people come in just to say thanks
dpemmons 15:12 I have to say.. I'm working on a project that's exposed both to a client via a FB browser plugin and to a server via a node.js extension, and so far FB is much easier
same interface on both (so I can use the same JS to drive it on both)
taxilian 15:12 hehe. One of these days I may try to port JSAPIAuto to work with node
in theory it shouldn't be hard to do
dpemmons 15:12 that would be hellacool
writing node modules is a bit more of a pain than it should be
taxilian 15:12 if you want to try it I could probably give you some guidance
I don't know much about node, but if you have most of the pieces the JSAPI stuff itself shouldn't be too hard
dpemmons 15:12 I'd love to but can't spend the time on it right now.. major time crunch
taxilian 15:12 good luck
hope it works well for you
dpemmons 15:12 our startup got into an accelerator program that starts in 2 weeks :)
taxilian 15:12 heh. startup life… gotta lvoe it
dpemmons 15:12 it's fun so far!
taxilian 15:12 it certainly can be that
but stressful
dpemmons 15:12 oh man you have no idea
taxilian 15:12 lol. believe me… I do.
I have spent most of my career working for startups
dpemmons 15:12 where do you work?
taxilian 15:12 currently for a startup called GradeCam in CA, USA
this one actually isnt' too bad because we plan things reasonably
but I've done my time in jobs where I spent literally a week in the office, sleeping on the bare floor by my desk when I was so tired I wasn't certain what language I was coding in...
I'll never do that again, I'll tell you, but I know how startups can be
dpemmons 15:12 oh geez.. you're not even productive at that point
taxilian 15:12 you can do it for about a week, maybe two. after that you burn out and you lose all the time you gained
I was young and stupid at the time, though
that was 10 years ago
dpemmons 15:12 the crazy years
I missed that time around.. was just entering college when the bubble popped
taxilian 15:12 heh. this was just out of highschool, actually, but I was a weird kid