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gargle 07:12 hi all
taxilian 09:12 g'morning
dougma: glad you figured it out =] I'll have to remember that
FireBreathBot 09:12 JIRA issue issue commented by richard "It will likely be a couple of weeks before I can get to this; however, if you'd like to submit a ..."
gargle 09:12 hello
i've (again) a little question ... I Would like to catch the WM_DEVICECHANGE message on windows. I need to make a new class like MouseEvent ?
taxilian 09:12 actually that's a bit tricky
but I'm on a call; I have a code example somewhere, I'll look it up when I can
stick around for awhile
gargle 09:12 great, thanks a lot
taxilian 11:12 gargle: this is modified from existing code I have, but I haven't tried to compile this specific example
however, most of it should be good
gargle: could you throw that link on the tips and tricks page on the wiki for me, please?
gargle 11:12 thanks for the example, taxilian
i will do it, but the next week
jshanab_wcw 15:12 I have a strange problem. My plugin crashes only on XP, on a call to the windows GetSaveFileName. It pops up the dialog but you can't click on it and it eventually crashes the plugin. Works in IE, probably different COM access. but it works fine in chrome. Any ideas?
taxilian 15:12 are you running the dialog on the main thread?
jshanab_wcw 15:12 I think so
taxilian 15:12 well, there is problem #1
you're blocking the main thread
don't ever, ever, ever do that
jshanab_wcw 15:12 HUmm. It is a modal dialog box opened in response to a javascript call. so do i start a thread for it and then retunr anyway. weird thing works on windows 7
taxilian 15:12 that's what surprises me
you should never ever block on the main thread like that
fasaxc 16:12 Hi, firefox seems to be deciding that my plugin is non-responsive and killing it even though it's not (my plugin is not doing anything). I believe that's the cause because I set the dom.ipc.plugins.timeoutSecs config param to -1 and it no longer kills my plugin. The webpage is responsive throughout. Any ideas?
taxilian 16:12 fasaxc: you're probably blocking on the main thread somewhere
fasaxc 16:12 Even though the webpage seems responsive?
taxilian 17:12 yes
that is what unresponsive means
it means you are blocking the main thread
the webpage is still responsive because the browser uses out of process plugins (your plugin is in a different process)
fasaxc 17:12 I can still invoke API calls to my plugin and it behaves as I expect, shouldn't that be impossible if I'm blocking (sorry, just a little confused)
taxilian 17:12 hmm. yes
why do you say "seems to be deciding"?
it just suddenly dies?
fasaxc 17:12 After about 45 seconds after I make my last API call I get the black bar saying "plugin has crashed". If I turn off the timeout in about:config then I don't get the black bar.
I guess I was wondering if I needed to do something to respond to some sort of ping from Firefox to say I'm still alive.
taxilian 17:12 is this a firebreath plugin?
fasaxc 17:12 yep
jshanab 17:12 taxillian. I now have Apple hardware!
So as son as I get teh apple streaming fixed I need to work on those Mac drawing modes ;-)
jshanab 19:12 Where is the basicmediaplayer example?
oops, right there in front of me ... duh
taxilian 22:12 jshanab: congrats =]