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ChristineK 05:12 Hi, I was hoping someone would be able to answer this. How are contributions to FireBreath monitored? Do contributions go through a review process before being added to the project?
reichi 05:12 ChristineK: taxilian_away has a look at all merge requests/patches
he's basically mr firebreath ;)
ChristineK 05:12 Ah ok, so they are checked over rather than automatically being introduced to the existing project
Thanks for answering, reichi!
reichi 05:12 yes
that would be way too dangerous
ChristineK 05:12 I thought so too, I just couldn't find a solid statement of that anywhere
taxilian 09:12 good morning everyone
jshanab_ 09:12 Good Morning
taxilian 10:12 debating if I should just go ahead and release 1.7.0
johannes 10:12 who'S the weather over there? Nice? Then use your good mood and roll the release. All bad? Well then do something nice and release it! (Disclaimer: I have no clue about recent developments ;-) )
taxilian 10:12 lol
well, I just put out rc1 on thursday evening
so I'm debating how long I need to let it incubate
jshanab_ 10:12 Well I have sort of tested it on Mac and Linux, but I won't get to it on windows for a couple of weeks. :-(
taxilian 10:12 I've tested it reasonably well on windows
and mac
but not linux
eh, maybe I'll just release it and 1.7.1 will show up if/when we find bugs =]
I've been using it in production the whole time, so it's not like there is much that is significantly changed that hasn't been used
jshanab_ 10:12 I relly don't have a running plugin on linux, but all of it builds. I could build my glgears test plugin tonight in linux
johannes 10:12 "release early, often" :-p
taxilian 10:12 =]
taxilian 12:12 FireBreath 1.7.0 is officially tagged and released
get it while it's hot
ConfusedDev 15:12 Hello?
taxilian 15:12 hi
I'm on the phone
but ask and if nobody else can help I'll help when I'm done
ConfusedDev 15:12 Well, I wish I knew exactly what to ask... Been trying to get a plugin compiled for the past few days on both Mac and Windows and I keep running into errors in seemingly random parts of the process. I edited a project that someone else worked on and all I am trying to do is recompile it and none of the errors are related to my code. So frustrated
jshanab_ 15:12 Start with the FBTestPlugin and make sure it builds on both platforms.
Then. Are you getting errors in Visual Studio or Xcode? What is the error?
taxilian 15:12 most likely the project is an old one
for an old version of firebreath
jshanab_ 15:12 Did you by chance use a git submodule? You will need to do the git submodule update --init --recursive if you pulled to a new machine
Also. I assume you understand and used the appropriate prep command :-)
ConfusedDev 15:12 Sounds like I need to update the project. But first, I'll do the FBTestPlugin, sounds like a good start, thanks!
Uhhh.... Where can I find FBTestPlugin?
taxilian 15:12 in the examples/ subdir
ConfusedDev 15:12 This is like a rabbit hole of more confusion and frustration
taxilian 15:12 try reading the "Getting started" documentation
jshanab_ 15:12 ConfusedDev. Is this your first time using FireBreath? Testing the FBTestPLugin takes 5 min tops
ConfusedDev 15:12 I've always done the plugin coding and handed it off to someone to do the compiling, but he's left so its just me. Our project looks nothing like FBTestPlugin. I got my project working but it only worked on safari and firefox and not chrome and that was 2 days ago, I haven't been able to get anything to compile since
jshanab_ 15:12 Do you understand the part about the prep script? If not It is imperative you watch the getting started videos!
niftylettuce_ 15:12 front page of Hacker News guys!!!
:D teelaunch yayyhoooo
love me your upvotes.
taxilian 15:12 niftylettuce_: link?
niftylettuce_ 15:12
#9 or so Teelaunch
taxilian: ^
ConfusedDev 15:12 I understand I need to cd into the directory where the project is and run ./ when I am compiling for OS X?
jshanab_ 15:12 I run prepmac from the project folder, but FB is usually isntalled elsewhere. So for me I do a ../common/ {projectname} build/{projectname}. Then open the firebreath.xcode NOT the {projectname}.xcode. Verify the sdk and hit the build button
Apple recently moved the sdk folders so what I built in 4.3.3 did fail when I switched to 4.5.2 until I noticed the sdk issue
niftylettuce_ 15:12 s
ConfusedDev 15:12 I believe I ran the prep script successfully at least once in the past week. it doesnt seem to want to run now
jshanab_ 15:12 It will give you error output. pastebin it and lets have a look
ConfusedDev 15:12 sorry, but I dont even know what pastbin is. I am the uC programmer, I just learned what it means to "cd into a directory" a few days ago.
jshanab_ 15:12 type pastebin into google and use first link. pase in a copy of your terminal output and then put the link in this irc window.
ConfusedDev 16:12
jshanab_ 16:12 Did you try and run the cmake gui? I only see one prompt so I don't know what created teh words "-- generating done"
Do not use cmake GUI
I do not think you are in the correct directory for the call, but also is cmake installed? the segmentation fault should not happen.
ConfusedDev 16:12 Cmake is installed and I did not use the gui
jshanab_ 16:12 Here is what my call to prep looks like, a bit more than is normally needed.
ok. We need to compare versions. What do you have for cmake and xcode?
ConfusedDev 16:12 I got this output from a seemingly successful pre
jshanab 16:12 ok that call to is to simple and you should not sudo, you may change file permissions that will break builds. Cd to the project directory. That is the directory above the individual projects themselfs. This cam be anywhere on the drive. If we are doing the FBTestPlugin from a fresh pull, that should be: .../Firebreath/examples.
taxilian 16:12 ConfusedDev: Delete your build dir; (well, or move it in case the person before you did things wrong and there is anything there that matters) you should never have a perms issue with your build dir
jshanab 16:12 Then in we would type ../ FBTestPlugin build/FBTestPlugin
AMEN to what taxilian said.
taxilian 16:12 jshanab: why build it in a non-standard location? standard way to build the examples is just to do (in the firebreath dir) ./ examples/FBTestPlugin buildex
then open buildex/FireBreath.xcodeproj
jshanab 16:12 Habit. If you do that and then build a second example, you overwrite the FireBreath.xcodeproj. (Am I correct?)
taxilian 16:12 true, but if you're building both just do ./ examples
and it'll prep both into the same xcodeproj
jshanab 16:12 Then you just build the project instead of the defalt all if you only want to build one and not the other. You da man, I just got into trouble debugging when the build of a second plugin messed up the attaching on another.
taxilian 16:12 for examples it shouldn't matter
anyway, ConfusedDev a big part of your problem is that you've tried to dive in without learning the basics of how firebreath plugins are structured
might be worth watching the video tutorial real quick
ConfusedDev 16:12 I'll try again. I try to watch the videos but nothing looks like what im seeing on my computer
taxilian 16:12 they probably restructured the project quite a bit
if you can show me a snapshot of your file structure I might be able to help figure out what is going on
ConfusedDev 16:12 How does one go about getting a snapshot of a file structure? Sorry, I'm so far in the dark
taxilian 16:12 however you want. just a list of files
jshanab 16:12 ls -R | grep ":$" | sed -e 's/:$//' -e 's/[^-][^\/]*\//--/g' -e 's/^/ /' -e 's/-/|/'
ascii art of dir structure
ConfusedDev 16:12 so this is the location of FireBreath.xcodeproj? /Users/oren/TGC/firebreath-1.6/build
and when i tried to prep without sudo I got a "mkdir: ./build: Permission denied" error
taxilian 16:12 so kill build
that's a fs permissions error
it has nothing to do with firebreath
you do know that the build/ dir should never be copied from another computer, right?
ConfusedDev 16:12 yea, didn't prep create build?
taxilian 16:12 it should, yes
but in this case if it did then you must have run prep as sudo, which is not a good idea
so fix the perms, delete it, and reprep
jshanab 16:12 one great reason to use the buildex instead of build, there may be other people using "build"
taxilian 16:12 buildex is the default for building examples also
ConfusedDev 18:12 I believe I solved the problem (a folder with-in a folder was throwing everything off) on one computer, but I still have this error when trying to prep on another computer: . How is it saying that my C-Compiler is broken?