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ram_ 09:12 can we develop a plugin to download multiple files with a UI for user to see the progress of each download
taxilian 09:12 ram_: sure, as long as you don't mind the fact that it will be limited to a single page
and you have to have an object tag in said page may be educational
ram_ 09:12 so, assume all the files that I want to download are hyperlinked in one page as a html table, if I put an object tag on that page, then write some code and develop a plugin, then I should be able to download multple files at once along with showing user where to save them and show progress of each file downloaded?
is this something that can be achieved using firebreath
taxilian 09:12 you could probably do that, yes; you'd just have to write javascript os that the page used the plugin to do the download instead of the browser. In IE you may have to deal with being in protected mode (you can only write to certain locations)
ram_ 09:12 can I have a prompt to save to certain location that can be choosen by a user?
taxilian 09:12 much more difficult, but yes, you could do that
pretty much anything you can do using a C++ app w/ windows APIs you can do, with the exception of stuff that you can't do in low integrity mode (which still work except on IE)
you'd need to be a bit careful with the dialogs; you can't block the main thread
and it's different how it works on windows vs mac
ram_ 09:12 any links or pointers that can show some sample codes
taxilian 09:12 also, in IE you may need to save to a different location and then use a broker process to copy them to the right place
particularly the tips and tricks page
honestly, though
what you want may be better to use an extension
see DownThemAll as an example (not sure if it's open source, but it's a similar idea)
ram_ 09:12 thank you very much for taking time to respond. appreciate your help
taxilian 09:12 goodluck
amoon 11:12 Trying to build a firebreath project on windows with VC++ express 2010 and prep2010.cmd is trying to use which is not present on my install. Any ideas?
taxilian 11:12 fix your path is there
what version of cmake are you using?
amoon 11:12 I can't find anywhere on my hard drive (it does not exist under Common7\IDE)
cmake 2.8.6
I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling vc++ several times without success
taxilian 11:12 hmm. I guess it's possible cmake thinks it's a different version
that's a cmake/config thing, not a firebreath thing specifically; not a lot I can do to help, I'm afraid :-/
amoon 11:12 anything I can change in the cmake files that could make it work?
taxilian 11:12 nope
it'd be something in your system config that is confusing cmake
you could try an older version of cmake, I suppose
amoon 11:12 hmm, ok
thanks anyway
taxilian 11:12 good luck
amoon 11:12 Aha, I wiped the build directory from a previous broken run and it worked this time
taxilian 11:12 ahh
yeah, that's always the first thing to try
so sometimes I forget to suggest it =]
amoon 11:12 thanks for the help
ssdc 12:12 what's the best way to add post-build events for the visual studio project - in a way that the prep script adds it there when it's run?
taxilian 12:12 add_custom_command
ssdc 12:12 alright, I'll take a look into that
taxilian 12:12 there are examples in the firebreath codebase
ssdc 12:12 ah, yes ... nice, exactly what I was looking for
hasa 12:12 anyone on the line knowing applescript and packagers ?
I put one snippet to the forum which reloads browsers. But it seems to be very tricky to get applescript running. I've found no info how to do it.
amoon 14:12 Is there any way to pass a /d argument to signtool using firebreath_sign_file()? Right now when I sign the .msi it's getting a random temporary filename which is not very user friendly on the UAC screen.
taxilian 14:12 hmm. not currently, but I'm willing to accept a patch if it's backwards compatible =]
amoon 14:12 Do you know of another way to get a valid name on the signed msi?
taxilian 14:12 I've never seen the problem you're explaining
probably just never noticed =]
amoon 14:12 Alright, I'll see about making a patch
jshanab_wcw 15:12 Good Afternoon all. Anyone out there know about HTTP Live Streaming?
taxilian 15:12 more than I'd like to
it's relatively difficult
jshanab_wcw 15:12 I thought it was easy, which is why i obviously missed something and therfore it is not working.
taxilian 15:12 lol
well, you probably aren't doing it the same way I was
jshanab_wcw 15:12 I have a server generating .ts files and indexes on the fly. The ipad pulls all the ts files but burns thru them as ?unreadable? real fast then asks for the next and my server gladly sends it to them. when I capture the files on the desktop VLC plays the files fine.
taxilian 15:12 are you familiar with this site?
the trick is that your .ts files have to be encoded just right
jshanab_wcw 15:12 Do they have to have audio? Thanks for the link. I had not found that one. I am using baseline 3.0 and the same stream relayad by wowza hLS is fine!
taxilian 15:12 hmm. I'm not certain if they need audio or not
I haven't tried it without, but theoretically I don't know of a reason they would
and incidently, what you're trying to do is Apple Adaptive streaming; there about at least 4 different variants of HTTP live streaming that I am aware of and they are all somewhat different
jshanab_wcw 15:12 Ah. what a golberging mess. I found one site that says because of the required fallback it cannot transmux video only streams. whatever that means
taxilian 15:12 heh. can you just throw in an empty audio channel? stream the lowest quality silence you can?
jshanab_wcw 15:12 That is what I am gonna try. "lowest quality silence" :-)
just a whole week of trial and error is getting me down
taxilian 16:12 heh
I believe it
I hate online video
jshanab_wcw 16:12 shhh, it puts food on the table :-)
taxilian 16:12 hehe
jshanab_wcw 16:12 It is a lot of processing on the server and a lot of buffering. For the abilkity for 100-1000 sources it makes no sense to constanly create the files on the premise tha someone may want to connect in the future, so we are forced to make the user wait until 3 segments are created. yuck
taxilian 16:12 most streaming I know of require at least 20-30 seconds
2 second chunks seems ot be the most popular length
jshanab_wcw 16:12 There is one great thing about standards....So many to choose from.
taxilian 16:12 heh
jshanab_wcw 16:12 I have mine set for 5 seconds at the moment. I can easily vary it. Later to vary it on a per connection basis.