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linearray 10:12 taxilian: not sure if it's a good idea, but maybe this can be used as a generic getTempDirPath() in systemhelpers?
taxilian 10:12 hmm. I don't trust the environment variables when I have another choice, as a general rule of thumb
it would probably work as a fallback, though
linearray 10:12 ok, it seems like NSTemporaryDirectory is more sophisticated
no, I take it back
it returns $TMPDIR
taxilian 10:12 yeah; I'd still prefer to trust the "correct" system API, where there is one
I have seen cases where those variables weren't set
well, maybe not those specifically, but other similar ones
linearray 10:12 yeah
I just thought the boost way of doing things must be flawless and perfect
maybe it's not.
taxilian 10:12 hehe
well, there are disadvantages… boost is all C++; that means you can't use obj c APIs
and on Mac, there are times when the "best" API only works in obj c
linearray 10:12 #pragma once
is it good to have both?
most files have both, some don't
taxilian 11:12 it is best to have both, from what I've read. some compilers support #pragma once more efficiently, others don't
it's not required, though
linearray 13:12 is there any limit on how long it may take my plugin to shut down?
linearray 14:12 apparently there is, and it's about 3 seconds