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panther_ 00:12 hellooooo...any body der
taxilian 09:12 g'monring ya'll
g'morning, even
taxilian 11:12 linearray: was it you that was working on dialogs in mac?\
linearray 15:12 taxilian, yes
taxilian 15:12 did you ever find a good solution?
I'm now seeing the crash you reported
linearray 15:12 yes
taxilian 15:12 code? ;-)
linearray 15:12 if you look in the logs you can see the general idea
i can send you the code when i get home
taxilian 15:12 that's fine, I don't have time to deal with it right now anyway
the clients haven't seen it yet
so I have breathing room :-P
linearray 15:12 good
taxilian 15:12 thanks!
linearray 18:12
that's what I have for now
andrew11 21:12 hi guys. I've been using an older firebreath; and want to update to the latest sdk. I've just overwritten my existing FB code base with the new one I downloaded from github; but a recompile didn't detect anything
I assume ill need to re-run the prep command, ill try that now
andrew11 21:12 damn, not that simple
complains about not finding fb_stdint.h
and I don't see how to update firebreath properly,