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FireBreathBot 09:12 Commit 52755b4 on firebreath-1.6 by Richard Bateman: "Fixed typo in cmake build message for FB_OPTIMIZE"
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Commit 52755b4 on master by Richard Bateman: "Fixed typo in cmake build message for FB_OPTIMIZE"
emicastro 12:12 anyone knows about IE 10 and plugins?
taxilian 12:12 that's a very broad question
why don't you narrow it down, then maybe we'll know
emicastro 12:12 mm
I mean... I read some news about IE 10 will not support plugin... and if it not, there will a new way or something like plugins?
taxilian 12:12 that's only in the tablet mode
desktop IE 10 supports activex still
taxilian 12:12 metro mode I think it is
panther_ 13:12 helloooo
anybody der
taxilian 13:12 nope
we all ran off
however, as a general rule:
FireBreathBot 13:12 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
panther_ 13:12 i want to develop a npapi plugin
but a standalone
not using firebreath sorry
but just for a practice
is there any sample
taxilian 13:12 lol. that doesn't offend me; I don't recommend doing a production one that way, but it's a good exercise if you want to understand npapi.
there are some very small samples in the firefox codebase
you have seen ?
panther_ 13:12 n sequence diagrams how the plugin gets loaded npp_gate.cpp / npn_gate.cpp / npp_entry.cpp
its littlbit confusing
taxilian 13:12 I think that's covered in
panther_ 13:12 m newbie
for all dis
yes i have gone thro dis
taxilian 13:12 panther_: for all of our sanity, *please* type as though you actually care about what you're doing. This isn't twitter; you can use more than 140 characters
(sorry, pet peeve; it gets painful to read, and it sounds juvenile)
panther_ 13:12 still its not helping me much while actual implementation
taxilian 13:12 I don't know of any information that is more specific than what I put in those tutorials; perhaps you could ask some specific questions about what you don't understand
panther_ 13:12 first of all i will tell u my understanding..The embed/object tag tells d browser dis plugin is used..browser ask d MIME type..d method will be implemented in the plugin..
den it calls Initialize()
den wat next
taxilian 13:12 dude; seriously. I realize it's mostly because I have a headache today, but *please* type like a normal human rather than like a 13-year old twitter adict.
it's making my headache worse
it takes me twice as long to read what you're writing as if you just typed it normally
panther_ 13:12 taxilian : sorry
taxilian 13:12 I realize it's "trendy", but for those of us that read a lot and read quickly it eliminates the patterns we usuall recognize immediately as words and forces us to go through it slowly
what OS are you on?
panther_ 13:12 ubuntu..
taxilian 13:12 okay, that makes a big difference
so yes, the browser loads all .so files that look like they may be plugins and looks for the entrypoint that tells it what the plugin's mimetype is
!findfile np_x11main.cpp
FireBreathBot 13:12 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 13:12 that file is FireBreath's implementation of the basic entrypoints
panther_ 13:12 ok
taxilian 13:12 NP_GetMIMEDescription is the entrypoint in question
once it finds the correct plugin, it will then call the other entrypoints to exchange the NPNetscapeFuncs and NPPluginFuncs function pointer information
panther_ 13:12 what is the diff between NPNetscapeFuncs & NPPluginFuncs ?
taxilian 13:12 as explained on, NPNetscapeFuncs is a structure of function pointers that contains API calls that your plugin can make on the browser
NPPluginFuncs is a structure that you fill in with function pointers that the browser can call on your plugin
reread that tutorial page; it explains all of that in a fair amount of detail
though the entrypoints will be slightly different
panther_ 13:12 actually i want to implement a simple scriptable object of which a hello world method will be invoked by the browser
taxilian 13:12 that's great
however, if you don't understand the NPPluginFuncs and NPNetscapeFuncs, which are explained in that tutorial post, you'll never get there
though the scripting aspect is explained in
panther_ 13:12 and looking lot many sample i am getting more and more i will reread the tutorial..
thanks for the help taxilian..if i get stuck somewhere i will bug u again..:)
taxilian 13:12 good luck
panther_ 13:12 thnx a lot
taxilian 13:12 there is also a video tutorial that goes through FireBreath's npapi implementation that might be helpful
panther_ 13:12 when i watched that d sound was bit low hence d voice was not that much clear..and in turn i understood d little..:(
taxilian 13:12 hmm. sorry :-/ maybe turn up the volume on your computer?
emicastro 13:12 hahaha